What are face serums? Here’s everything you need to know

Serums. The next big thing to add to your routine after nailing the skin care basics of cleanse, tone and moisturise.

Why do you need a serum? Simply because they can offer your skin much more than what the usual moisturisers do.

We help you get to know these potent solutions and learn how to use them to power up your skin care goals.

What are face serums

What are serums?

Unlike moisturisers and creams that contain more occlusives, serums are highly-concentrated liquids with specific active ingredient to address targeted problems.

A serum has smaller molecules that are able to penetrate more deeply into our skin, delivering amazing results with just a tiny amount. They are slightly thicker liquids that get quickly absorbed into the skin.


What do you use serums for?

Serums come in many different types and can be used to address specific skin concerns. Fine lines, pigmentation, dullness, acne and the list goes on… you name it, they have it.

Serums vs Essences – are they the same thing?

Confused much? We used to know essences as those watery solutions that you pat into your skin after toning. Traditionally, essences are less-concentrated, usually providing hydrating benefits.

However, recent skin care trends have saw many skin care brands using serums and essences interchangeably. In fact, they could be the same thing! The word ‘essence’ is more commonly known to Asians while ‘serum’ is more familiar to Westerners, so it really depends on where you reside.

But fret not, it’s more important to know the function. If you come across a concentrated solution for a specific problem in a small sophisticated bottle, you can generally classify it safely as a ‘serum’.


How to use serums?

Serums can be used either once or twice daily depending on your skin needs. Use them after cleansing and toning, before your moisturiser. There are those that come in a dropper bottle, so you can drop a few drops directly onto your face and massage in lightly with your fingers to avoid any wastage.


Different types of serums – Our DR’s Secret favourites


DR's Secret Skinlight T3

DR’s Secret Skinlight T3: A concentrated brew of botanicals carefully selected to encourage microexfoliation, inhibit melanin production, improve skin tone and restore natural skin radiance. Best used with Skinrecon T4.

Renewing and regenerating

DR's Secret Skinrecon T4

DR’s Secret Skinrecon T4: Our skin goes through wear and tear when exposed daily to bacteria, pollution and UV. Skin regenerating serums are the reinforcements that target the repair and renewal of our skin so it stays resilient.

A really nourishing formula with a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, botanical extracts, ceramides and reparative ingredients to calm and strengthen the skin, restoring skin barrier function. It has a thicker consistency compared to most liquid serums, almost like a lotion but a very powerful one.




DR's Secret C15 Essence 7

DR’s Secret C15 Essence 7: High-performance Vitamin C for powerful antioxidant properties. It can help increase collagen production, reduce dark spots and smoothe fine lines. Skin feels firmer, younger and brighter.

DR's Secret Spot Serum 8

DR’s Secret Spot Serum 8: Gentle blend of botanical extracts that calms and soothes troubled skin while controlling sebum production and providing antioxidant protection.



DR's Secret Refining Serum 9

DR’s Secret Refining Serum 9: These are great for minimising the appearance of pores so your skin can look irresistibly smooth.

With a cooling gel texture, Refining Serum 9 may come across as an ordinary gel cream, but the formula is sure to wow your skin. Containing plant tannins, hydrolysed albumen, chamomile, green tea, fermented yeast and amino acid complex, this is your go-to for a smoother, pore-less and lifted skin complexion.

It feels really comfortable and many would incorporate this at the final steps of their skin care regime.