How to recover your skin after late nights and hangovers

Tis’ the season… for parties, late-night huddles and counting down to new beginnings! But having one too many drinks and pulling all-nighters with your girlfriends may not sit too well with your skin. We put together a few tips on how you can recover your skin and not lose your glow the morning after.

Hangover skin care tips to recover your skin

Hangover skin care tips remove and cleanse

The night itself

Remove & cleanse

While the temptation to head straight to bed is real, so are clogged pores, acne and a whole slew of skin problems you would do best to avoid. Simply take 5 minutes to remove your makeup and give your face a thorough cleanse. Taking a warm shower will also help to calm the adrenaline and prepare you for a better sleep.

Hangover skin care tips night repair

Night repair

If you have remaining energy left, slather on a night cream or moisturizer. One of the ways alcohol affects your skin is by dehydrating it, so moisture replenishment is key in the recovery process. While sleeping, our skin works hard to repair itself and hydrating ingredients provide the building blocks to help!

Hangover skin care tips revive your glow

The next morning

Revive your glow

Late nights coupled with alcohol kill off healthy cells at a faster rate and your skin may be looking dull or lackluster after a hangover. Start off your morning routine by exfoliating your skin. Exfoliating helps to slough off the dead skin cells that contribute to dullness and uncover the glow beneath.
Tip: Use Miraglo with Cleanser 1 for safe, gentle yet precise exfoliation suitable for sensitive skin.
Hangover skin care tips rejuvenate your skin
Looking tired? This is the time to power up your routine using serums that can target skin renewal and nourishment. Those have concentrated ingredients that are more intensive but provide targeted effects.
Tip: Use Skinlight T3 and Skinrecon T4, our best combination for radiant, healthy looking skin.

Hangover skin care tips hydrate


This is the second basic rule on top of night cleansing. Make sure to feed your parched and thirsty skin with lots of moisture. If you are spotting red blotchy patches or dry patches, soothe and calm your skin down with gentle hydrating ingredients.
Hangover skin care tips soothe skin
Tip: For skin that’s feeling dry, use Toner T2, Hydro Mask and seal the hydration in with Moisturizer 6. While applying, you can also gently massage with upwards strokes to firm up your skin.
For skin that’s inflamed, use Refining Serum 9 and Moisturizer 6 to soothe and calm skin. Refining Serum 9 gives a cooling sensation that can calm redness down and also wake up your skin.
Hangover skin care tips depuff skin
Tip: Use Eye Cream for a nourishing treatment that’s gentle on the eyes.

 Hangover skin care tips detox

Our skin is largely dependent on what goes on inside our body. So, on top of skin care, you can also rejuvenate your body by drinking loads of water the next morning to flush out the toxins in your body. Enjoy a warm cup of tea – green tea, chamomile or an herbal mix of goji berries with chrysanthemum can help to detox and awaken the senses.