We reveal this lesser known benefit of going foundation-free

The foundation-free life brings with it numerous benefits – breathable skin, extra time in the mornings and extra cash saved from cosmetic splurges. What we didn’t realise was that it helps with decluttering too! Think the extra space in your makeup-free totes and more days to bring out your hands-free mini slings!

We pried into the bags of our #SecretCircle girls to discover if this is indeed true and uncover their essentials to score the foundation-free life.

Jiayu bagXiong Jia Yu
Minimal and chic, we can’t believe Jia Yu’s tote only contains 6 items! A lip colour and sunscreen are all she needs for quick touch-ups on the go.

Ye Qing's bagFang Ye Qing
In comparison to phone journaling, Ye Qing prefers the old school method of noting down her to-dos and daily thoughts on a handy notebook. With lesser makeup items to carry, a lightweight backpack is now her go-to choice!

Yan Zhen's bagLin Yan Jhen
Those with braces would be familiar with the feeling of dry, itchy lips. Yan Jhen’s must-have in her bag includes Conditioning Lip Butter to help soothe her dry lips and Moisturizer 6 to moisturise drier areas of her skin.

Yu Shan's bagLin Yu Shan
Yu Shan brings along two different Lip Glacier shades to switch from a day to night look effortlessly. She recommends using a lighter and darker shade to create the two-tone lip look if time permits!

Ann's bagTian Yu Ann
With a personalised passport holder, it is not difficult to recognise whose bag this belongs to! On top of using tissue for hygiene purposes, Ann shares that it’s also a tool for her to prove to those she meets that she’s truly foundation-free!

Kylie's bagKylie Lim
On top of daily essentials, we also noticed a wide-angle selfie lens in Kylie’s tote, for more foundation-free selfies when she meets up with her girlfriends!

Iris's bagIris Yang
Small pieces of jewellery are all Iris needs to add a touch of class to the bare-skin look. With a reusable shopping bag in tow, Iris hopes to play a little part in conserving the environment by reducing the use of plastics.

Top 3 most common must-haves

Top 3 must-haves in your bag

We realised that the top 3 most common must-haves for our #SecretCircle girls include DR’s Secret Lip Glacier, Conditioning Lip Butter and Sunscreen 5. Isn’t it incredibly simple? Just 3 compact-sized items to go effortlessly foundation-free!


We can’t further emphasise how important sun protection is in your daily routine. For sufficient coverage, reapply every 2-3 hours especially if you are spending most of your time under the sun.

Conditioning Lip Butter and Lip Glacier

While we place a great deal of importance on caring for our face, do not neglect our delicate lips too. Soothe and nourish your lips with an easy swipe of Conditioning Lip Butter and add a touch of shine and hydration with Lip Glacier

Benefits of going foundation-free

  • Breathable skin
  • Quick morning and night routines
  • No more cosmetic splurges
  • Confidence
  • Feeling fresh
  • No cakey makeup
  • Natural glow
  • Lighter bags

What do you love about the foundation-free life most?