Highly rated: Top 4 DR’s Secret favourites

When trying out a new skin care brand, a good place to start is with popular items that have gained positive reviews. 

Top 4 DR's Secret Product

If you are new to DR’s Secret, here are the top 4 DR’s Secret favourites as voted by our users in a poll with more than 100 respondents.  

1. Cleanser 1

Cleanser 1

“It’s one of the most comfortable facial washes I’ve used and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry. I actually look forward to cleansing my face every day.” – Hong Wei Jun  

“Since using Cleanser 1, I’ve never thought of switching to other brands! It cleanses comfortably and my skin doesn’t feel tight.” – Greta Chen  

Gentle and hydrating cleanser

You know your skin routine is off to a great start when your cleansing routine is one that you thoroughly enjoy.  

Gentle, calming and hydrating, Cleanser 1 deeply cleanses while soothing your skin without stripping it of moisture. The result is fresh, softened skin that doesn’t feel tight with every wash.  

Cleansing benefits aside, its cheerful pink, cushiony gel texture and refreshing citrusy fragrance pleasantly stimulates the senses, further boosting the cleansing experience.  

2. Sunscreen 5

Sunscreen 5

“Sunscreen 5 is non-sticky and allows me to head out easily with breathable skin that’s makeup-free!”– Tu Xin Xin 

“Even after long hours, my skin doesn’t feel stuffy but comfortable with a natural glow!” – Pan Yong Jie 

Sun protection

You can run, but you cannot hide (from the sun that is!). Which is why sun protection is a non-negotiable in our daily routine. With an SPF of 25, Sunscreen 5 provides sufficient coverage for your skin without causing sensitivity. Suitable for all skin types.    

The elegant formula gives the skin a subtle natural glow when applied, without leaving a sticky residue or white cast.

Tip: When applying Sunscreen 5 or Sunscreen Matte 5M, use your fingertips to press and roll the product into the skin instead of spreading. This prevents tugging on your skin and allows the product to absorb quickly.  

3. Spot Serum 8

Spot Serum 8

“Spot Serum 8 helps my acne disappear quickly.” – Lin Yu Qiao  

“Tea tree oil in Spot Serum 8 helps to reduce acne inflammation quickly. The product balances out my oil levels and my nose area is now free from blackheads!” – Cai Rui Ling 

Spot Serum 8 dropper

The gamechanger for those with acne-prone skin, Spot Serum 8 helps to tackle all your acne-related woes without drying out your skin. Using a clever blend of botanical extracts such as Tea Tree Oil, Watercress, Burdock Root, Lemon Peel, Sage Leaf and many more, Spot Serum 8 both treats troubled spots and controls sebum production to help you arrive at skin balance.  

We love how it offers more than just a quick fix to an erupting acne, but is effective in reducing recurring acne too!  

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4. Refining Serum 9

Refining Serum 9

“Lightly scented and hydrating with a cooling sensation that soothes and calms the skin” – Qiu Yun Nai  

“Cooling with pore-minimising effects. The smooth texture feels really comforting on the skin.” – Liu Fang Yu  

Applying Refining Serum 9

This multi-tasking pore-refining serum is a favourite final step to most DR’s Secret skin care routines. Formulated with bountiful botanical goodness, Refining Serum 9 helps to reduce the appearance of pores, smoothen skin complexion, lift and firm the skin with a cooling sensation that can even help to soothe and calm redness. 

The serum texture is jelly-like but melts away into a cooling and refreshing essence that gets absorbed into your skin real quick. Its light botanical scent is an instant mood-lifter. 

While the products have their individual merits, the true potential of DR’s Secret lies in the customised routines that are tailored to your skin type. The customised routines work by putting these products together in differing steps and amounts according to your skin needs.  

Take the skin quiz here to get your recommended routine or read “Here’s how you can start your journey to foundation-free skin without breaking the bank” to begin.