9 DR’s Secret skin care gifts that will make your friends glow with joy

Achieving healthy and glowing skin is on the top of many people’s wish lists. What’s better than giving your friends and family the gift of healthy skin? Be it during their birthdays, Christmas or even just a surprise act of affection — we’ve got you covered.

DR’s Secret Skin Care Gifts

Here’s a curated gift guide that’ll make your gift shopping quick and simple! 

1. Cleanse & Prep Duo

Cleanse & Prep Duo - Cleanser 1 & Toner T2

Skin care beginners will love this duo. Cleanser 1 is a gentle cleansing gel that is suitable for most skin types and keeps your skin feeling moisturised after your cleanse. It’s also a pretty pink gel cleanser that lathers to a rich foam, perfect for the friends who are obsessed with nailing Instagram texture shots!

Toner T2 is a 3-in-1 multitasker – toner, hydrating lotion and treatment essence. It lavishes your skin with long-lasting hydration and preps it for the rest of your routine. We say these are the two staples for clearer, fresher skin!

2. For the Glow-Getters

For the Glow-Getters - Skinlight T3 & Skinrecon T4 & C15 Essence 7

These “glow-to” gifts are sure to brighten someone’s day…and face. Have a friend who needs help with dull skin tone and pigmentation? Give them Skinlight T3 and Skinrecon T4 and watch them do their magic to renew and nourish dull skin, giving it a natural glow.

For the friend who has a good skin care routine but doesn’t mind a booster, a high-performance Vitamin C essence like C15 Essence 7 can be a great skin care gift to help improve radiance and restore youthfulness.

3. Daily Sun Protection

Daily Sun Protection - Sunscreen 5 & Sunscreen 5M & Total Base A5

Sunscreen is a staple skin care product to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays. Here are 3 sunscreens for different skin types to help you find the perfect SPF match for everyone on your list! 

Sunscreen 5: for the friend who prefers a natural dewy glow.  

Sunscreen 5M: for the friend who has oilier/combination skin and prefers a matte finish.  

Total Base A5: for those who wish to have some natural coverage without having to use foundation. 

4. The Gift of Aqua

Know someone who appreciates skin care minimalism and prefers a one-product-fits-all?  

The Gift of Aqua - Aqua Boost Serum 10

Aqua Boost Serum 10 might just be the ONE she needs. Its ultra-hydrating formula coupled with barrier-restoring benefits soothes, comforts and strengthens skin. With a lightweight gel texture that’s highly absorbable, it can be applied anytime in the day and night without feeling heavy on the skin. You’ll impress skin care minimalists with this one! 

5. Anti-ageing Duo

Anti-ageing Duo - Age Arrest & AR Essence A3

Looking to pamper mom and dad or an older loved one? Our Age Arrest and AR Essence A3 duo aims to rescue youth by targeting signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin. With a premium peptide formula, this is a gift set that combines science with luxury.  

6. Blemish Busters

Acne Saviours - Spot Serum 8 & Refining Serum 9

We know how it feels to be in a constant battle with acne. This Spot Serum 8 and Refining Serum 9 pair may just be what they need to end their skin woes.  

Spot Serum 8 helps to calm troubled skin and control sebum production, which can help with acne with regular use. A long-time favourite among DR’s Secret users, Refining Serum 9 has proved to help minimise the appearance of pores for a smoother complexion.  

7. Brighten Your Eyes

Brighten Your Eyes - Eye Cream & Vitalising Eye Mask

Upgrade their routines with an eye care set! Eye Cream smoothens fine lines while soothing puffy eyes to help achieve brighter-looking peepers. Complete the eye care set with Vitalising Eye Mask that fully covers the eye area and pampers the skin with a cooling sensation to prepare for a good night’s rest.  

8. Bonus Skin Treat

Bonus Skin Treat - Balancing Oil

One product, multiple benefits. You will be amazed by how much this product can do! Made with a blend of 10 essential oils including Lavender, Rose Geranium and Eucalyptus, Balancing Oil is a multi-purpose product that helps to soothe skin while providing a light and calming fragrance. From soothing minor abrasions to clarifying congested skin, this multitasker will make a great gift for everyone in your family! 

9. Flaunt Your Pout

Flaunt Your Pout - Conditioning Lip Butter & Lip Glacier

Our lips need TLC too. Formulated with 10 natural ingredients, Conditioning Lip Butter helps to tackle dry lips to achieve hydrated and luscious lips. Add a pop of colour with Lip Glacier, a lip volumiser that dresses your pout with an attractive shine. With four different alluring shades, there’s definitely a colour for every personality and occasion.