4 Lip Glacier combinations to jazz up any lip shade

As much as we love a smooth, matte lip, plump and juicy lip trends are here to stay.

Here’s a little trick to glitter things up: apply a lip gloss or a lip volumiser over your base lip colour for a glossy new look!

dr's secret lip glacier

Lip Glacier is a hydrating lip volumiser that helps you achieve full and plump lips. In four beautiful shades, a juicy pout is just a few swipes away. This versatile lip product is the perfect addition to your collection to give your lip products a makeover. Here’s how you can pair Lip Glacier with just about any lip product to give it a little extra oomph!

4 Lip Glacier Combinations

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Combination 1: Natural Nude

natural nude combination gif

Whether you’re just heading out to grab coffee or dressing up for a date night out, you can never go wrong with a nude lip. Spice up your go-to nude lipstick with a shiny coat of Lip Glacier in 01 DREAM. This neutral tone with a hint of pink pairs well with a nude lipstick, creating a dreamy nude lip combination that will suit a wide range of skin tones!

Combination 2: Summer Coral

summer coral combination gif

Heading out for a beach day? Time to don a coral lip for a summer-ready look! It’s vibrant, brightens your complexion and packs a bit more punch. To make things even more fun, elevate your coral lip shade by applying a layer of Lip Glacier in 02 HOPE over it for a juicy, luscious pout!

Combination 3: Berry-licious

berry-licious combination gif

Dark, bold and mysterious. A berry lip often gives off a cool and edgy vibe, which is particularly fitting during the autumn and winter seasons. For a more low-key berry lip, soften this beautiful hue with a layer of Lip Glacier in 03 ADORE on top of your pinks and purples. Your lips will appear as juicy as a berry!

Combination 4: Classic Red

classic red combination gif

A classic red is not just a great shade for any occasion, it’s also a confidence-boosting accessory for every woman. For those after a high-shine crimson, swipe on a layer of Lip Glacier in 04 BOLD over any red lip product. You’ll stand out from the crowd with this flattering statement-maker.

Lip Glacier

lip glacier in 4 shades

Created to both plump and hydrate, Lip Glacier is a multi-functional lip volumiser that adds colour to your pout and cares for your lips.

Do you know?

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Lip plumping actives like Capsaicin may cause stinging to sensitive lips. To solve this problem, Lip Glacier uses Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, a gentle lip plumping ingredient to give your lips volume without irritation, a treat for those with sensitive lips. With prolonged use, you’ll also observe more defined and firm lips.

ha molecules and plant extracts

The product is also formulated with seven different forms of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) compounds of varied molecular sizes. These HA molecules penetrate the skin to reach various skin layers and create a multi-dimensional hydration effect that delivers moisture to your lips. A blend of seven antioxidant-rich natural plant extracts in the product also gives the skin on your lips a Vitamin C boost to provide strong antioxidant action.

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Have a go-to Lip Glacier combination that you use every day? Share it with us in the comments below!