Stepping into your 30s? How to look younger than your age.

Perhaps you used to pay little attention to your skin and body during your 20s. Or perhaps your confidence lies in the fact that your 20-year-old collagen-filled skin could always rebound after a late night out or a junk-food binge.
But alas, as the big ‘3’ looms near, the tell-tale signs of ageing begin to manifest themselves. Those little lines around your eyes, growing laxness in your skin and a perpetual look of fatigue undeniably screams ‘old age’.
DR's Secret Abby Tsai - Made 30 her new 20

Hear from Abby Tsai – our #SecretCircle girl

DR's Secret Abby Tsai 20 and 30
In my 20s, I paid very little attention to my skin. A simple off-the-shelf moisturiser was good enough.
I had enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and obvious blackheads around the nose area. I also had obvious fine lines as a result of very dry skin. It didn’t help that my foundation further clogged up my pores and my makeup often turned out cakey.
DR's Secret Abby Tsai before and after
To solve my pore problems, I would cleanse thoroughly with Cleanser 1 every night. Cleanser 1 was able to remove excess oil yet keep my skin hydrated. My pores and fine lines saw a lot of improvements just from doing my cleansing step right.
Look younger skin care regime
I also made sure that I drank more water, exercised regularly and replaced unhealthy snacks with nuts that contain good fatty acids.
Fade fine lines with a radiant glow
Since using DR’s Secret for 2 years, the fine lines have faded, and my skin now has a radiant glow.

Watch Abby tell her story here:

Tips to rediscover your glow

Like Abby, it’s not too late to get yourself in shape. Here are a few more additional tips on what you can do to rediscover your glow.
Give your skin the right ingredients to target specific problems.


Skin dullness remedy
Use Skinlight T3 and Skinrecon T4 for skin renewal, to get that natural healthy glow.


Skin pigmentation how to cure
Use C15 Essence 7 and Skinlight T3 to exfoliate dark spots and brighten the skin.

Saggy skin and fine lines

Reduce saggy skin and fine lines
Use Refining Serum 9 and Age Arrest A3 to firm skin and stimulate collagen production.


Miraglo to unclog and minimise pores
Use Miraglo, Cleanser 1 and Refining Serum 9 to unclog and minimise appearance of pores.