Doing this right will help you achieve better skin results in a much shorter time

How are you applying your DR’s Secret products?

If you have been using conventional skin care application methods in your approach to using DR’s Secret products, we are going to come upfront to say that it’s time for an overhaul.

Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

To achieve healthy skin that glows foundation-free (great skin that you’ve never had before!), it’s time to change things up in how you apply skin care.

Here we consolidate a detailed fool-proof product application guide to help you learn and assess if you are using your DR’s Secret products correctly.

1. Cleanser 1: Lightly massage

Gone are the days of rubbing your skin with cleanser using excessive force.


Gently lather Cleanser 1 with water using light and swift circular strokes with your fingertips across your palm until a soft, rich foam is formed.

Do not try to rub with both palms as the gel cleanser is unable to foam up this way.


Spread foam all over your face and massage in small circular motions using your fingertips.

Avoid using excessive force to press down on your skin or rubbing too hard. The foam itself is an effective net for trapping and drawing out impurities, so simply let the product work its magic!

2. Toner T2 and serums: Spread with fingertips

No patting, slapping or rubbing needed.

Use your fingertips to lightly dab and swipe Toner T2 or treatment serums such as Skinlight T3 and C15 Essence 7 across your skin. Your fingers should feel like they’re caressing your skin surface without pressing down on it.

We also recommend applying Toner T2 directly onto your skin without using a cotton pad so that the hydration gets to seep into your skin with no product wasted!

3. Sunscreen 5 and Moisturizer 6: Press and roll

Instead of tugging at your skin while trying to blend your sunscreen in, use the press and roll method instead when using Sunscreen 5/5M.

How to apply sunscreen

Gently dot small amounts of sunscreen across the entire face and use all four fingertips on each side to lightly press and roll the sunscreen in. Doing this well will leave a subtle dewy glow on your skin without any white cast.

This method applies for Moisturizer 6 too!

4. Eye cream: Gently massage

Dot small amounts of Eye Cream around your under-eye area all the way to the outer corner of your eye.

Massage with your fingertips gently in a circular motion, starting from the inner eye to the outer eye area and then closing in on your upper eyelid.

Use your fingertips to do soft quick dabs around your eye area to enhance absorption.

Tip: Use your ring finger to apply and massage if you are worried about exerting too much force with your index or middle finger.

5. Miraglo: Slow, gentle strokes

Fold Miraglo into a quarter and ensure that the entire surface area of the cloth is closely nestled against your skin.

How to use Miraglo

Use your palms for a better grip, leaving no gaps in between your fingers and glide in an upward motion, 3 times on each spot. While doing so, you should not be pressing down hard on your skin.

The key to master effective exfoliation with Miraglo is to deploy slow, gentle lifting strokes while making sure that the cloth is in full contact to your skin surface.

When done right, the ultrafine microfibres (200 times thinner than human hair!) will trap and lift away dead skin cells, dirt and impurities from the epidermis to uncover fresh healthy skin that’s below.

Your skin will feel fresh and clean.

If you experience redness or sensitivity after using, chances are that you may have exerted too much force. Reassess your application method with your skin consultant for guidance.

While every face is different, mastering the right application methods is a big leap forward to achieve results in the shortest time possible. Great skin is worth the wait and work!

How have you been working on your skin routine? Let us know!