Why finishing your skin care products can be pretty satisfying

When was the last time you used a skin care product to its very last drop and actually repurchased?

With so many options of creams, serums, facial washes available, skin care seems to be getting harder when it comes to finding the perfect match for your skin type.

Don’t like how this product feels on your skin? Didn’t see the effects you were hoping for? Saw another blogger’s review on the latest skin care innovation? This innate instinct to ‘buy and try’ often leaves us with a stash of unfinished bottles and tubes that are no longer our muse yet too wasteful to discard.

That is why when you get to the bottom of the bottle or that final pump, it gives a sense of accomplishment which can be pretty satisfying. It speaks of self-control, a determination to get through to the end and gives you a reason to pat yourself on the back for reducing wastage.

DR's Secret skin care empties

A second reason that brings immense satisfaction is having found the skin care products you genuinely love.

Just like how a good meal leaves you longing for more, perhaps even reluctant to polish off that last bite, good products should make you feel the same.

While it is always a good habit to finish what you buy, the sense of fulfilment magnifies when you use every squeeze and drop out of delight rather than responsibility.

If you find that finishing your products is a difficult task, below are some tips that can help:

  • Avoid buying more just because there’s an ongoing sale, unless you are certain that this is a product that you want to keep using.
  • Give your skin some time (at least 2-3 months) to respond to a new product. Avoid throwing it out just because you have yet to see visible effects. Our skin takes time to renew itself, so patience is key.
  • When deciding to purchase a new product, do a sensitivity test by applying a sample at the back of your ear or the inside of your arm to detect any signs of reaction or allergy. This way, you can avoid chances of irritation.
  • Take close-ups of your skin regularly so that it’s easier to recognise your skin progresses. Doing so will encourage you to persist on with your routine too!

Knowing how increasingly difficult it is to empty your purchases, it brings us tremendous encouragement to see our real users share their collections of DR’s Secret empties.

Empty product bottles by usersGood job to you guys for having persisted through your skin care routines and thank you for loving us!

Do you keep a collection of your skin care empties?