This is why your pores are always clogged

Do you find yourself in an endless battle with clogged pores, especially at the T-zone? They usually occur as blackheads, white heads or closed comedones, and create an uncomfortable bumpy feeling on our skin. It can be a messy sight – one that constantly reminds us of the gunk that we’re stuck with and can’t seem to get rid of.

What are clogged pores and why do they occur?

Clogged pores are a mix of dead skin cells, sebum and dirt being trapped within our hair follicles.

Below are a few factors and lifestyle habits that cause them to thrive:

A. Excessive oil production

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Your skin may be oilier by nature and overproduction of sebum can easily cause clogs to occur.

B. Improper cleansing

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Dirt, sunscreen and makeup creates a buildup on our skin. Without thorough cleansing, these remain on our skin surface and clog our pores.

C. Frequent wearing of makeup

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Applying heavy layers of makeup or wearing makeup frequently introduces more pore-clogging ingredients to our skin especially if makeup removal is not done well.

D. Frequent wearing of masks during the pandemic

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Having to wear a face mask for long hours may trap humidity and increases the buildup of oil, sweat and bacteria. Friction between the mask and our skin may also cause irritation.

How to prevent clogged pores:

Read on for our tried and tested solutions to keep your skin clear and pores breathing free.

1. Cleansing Cream A1 + Cleanser 1

1. Cleansing Cream A1 + Cleanser 1

We simply can’t ignore the importance of a thorough cleansing routine to achieve our goal of clear, breathable skin.

That is why we recommend being diligent with double cleansing at night especially if you have applied sunscreen or makeup.

Use Cleansing Cream A1 to remove sunscreen or light makeup followed by facial washing with Cleanser 1.

The gentle and nourishing Cleansing Cream A1 and hydrating Cleanser 1 are products that will not dry up your skin after use. Our skin tends to produce more sebum when dry, so gentle and hydrating cleansing products that do not leave your skin feeling squeaky clean is the way to go.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells that build up on our skin surface. Miraglo is an exfoliating cloth made with ultrafine microfibres. These microfibres slot into the tiny spaces between dead skin cells and lift them off from the skin with gentleness and precision.

2. Exfoliate with Miraglo

Miraglo’s microfibres are 200 times thinner than human hair to reach into our pores, removing 99% of dead skin cells and impurities!

Elena Testimonial Before and After

“My favourite is Cleanser 1 – I think it’s one of the best facial wash that I’ve used. I enjoy the comfortable feeling of having the thick foam on my face and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry after. I pair it once a week with Miraglo to soften and remove dead skin cells, which gave me softer skin. I felt so much difference just from cleansing alone, so you can imagine why I’d love this product range so much.” – Elena

3. Pore Perfect Clarifying Kit

3. Pore Perfect Clarifying Kit

If you’re looking for a skin care routine, the Pore Perfect Clarifying Kit is your go-to to tackling dehydrated but oily, congested skin.

Here’s how the key products in this routine work to help you get pore-fect skin:

Toner T2

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This is a hydrating toner with thicker viscosity than most toner essences. It lavishes your skin with moisture while balancing the skin’s pH level after cleansing.

As skin becomes more hydrated and oil and water levels are more balanced, this prevents the overproduction of sebum.

Spot Serum 8

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Tea tree oil and botanical extracts help to control sebum production and eliminate excess oil.

Apply this blemish-targeting solution on your T-zone area where there is most shine for oil control effects.

Refining Serum 9

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This is our bestselling pore serum that helps to minimise the appearance of pores. It contains plant tannins and botanical extracts that act as natural astringents to help refine pores and smoothen our skin complexion.

Check out our starter kits to help you with different skin conditions.

Clogged pores are a common skin concern, but by diligently following the steps above, you should be able to see noticeable results and smoother, clearer skin in due time!