6 things to do while sheet masking besides watching Netflix

What do you do when you are sheet masking? Perhaps it’s watching Netflix or catching up with your social media feeds while waiting for the 20 minutes to pass.

But hey, why not pamper yourself a little bit more while you’re at it?

Things to do when you are sheet masking

Here are 6 ways you can switch things up and do more with your time while sheet masking! 

6 things to do while sheet masking 

1. Nourish your hair

Nourish your hair

Find your hair looking dull and dry? Slather your hair in a hair mask or treatment while you are sheet masking to keep it looking smooth and nourished.

2. Give your tired feet a warm soak

Give your tired feet a warm soak

Enjoy a warm foot bath and relax as you soothe and comfort your tired, sore feet. Soaking your feet before bed is known to help with blood circulation and helps you to fall asleep easier.

3. Shave your legs

Shave your legs

We know. Sometimes, shaving can be such a chore because it’s time consuming. While you’re sheet masking, why not make use of this time to shave your legs as well? Just pop your sheet mask on and start shaving. Job done in 20 minutes!

4. Read a book and relax

Read a book

Been meaning to finish that book you started months ago? Here’s the perfect chance to do so. Relax and recharge your mind with a book for 20 minutes. Putting aside your phone 30 minutes before bed helps your mind to relax and wind down for more restful sleep.

5. Stretch and relieve tension

Stretch and relieve tension

Stretching helps to alleviate muscle tension and improve blood circulation. Do some light stretching and feel all the tension in your body melt away.

6. Make your lips baby soft

Conditioning Lip Butter

Give your lips some TLC too. Apply a lip mask or a thick layer of Conditioning Lip Butter to help soothe, hydrate and soften lips. Leave it on till the next morning and feel your lips become smooth and supple.

Masks that adhere seamlessly

Choose masks that adhere seamlessly

If you’re worried about your mask falling off while doing these activities, the trick is to choose one that adheres well to your skin. Biocellulose is a premium sheet mask material that is known to be seamlessly adhesive. It is super soft, malleable and hugs our skin snugly. Here are two DR’s Secret masks that are made from biocellulose material.

Hydro Mask

Hydro Mask

Made with premium Antarctica ferment extract, Hydro Mask is for those who are looking to provide intensive hydration for their skin and replenish moisture.

Vitalising Eye Mask

Vitalising Eye Mask

The Vitalising Eye Mask covers not just the under eye, but the entire eye area. Relax, brighten and pamper your eye area with this eye mask for a fresher appearance.

What do you do while sheet masking? Let us know in the comments below!