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Skin Squad by DR's Secret

Skin Squad

Everyone needs someone

Have you ever felt frustrated, disappointed and helplessly alone while trying to find a solution that works for your skin?
Skin Squad by DR's Secret

What if your skin journey
could look like this:

Customised routines tailored to your skin

Personalised 1-1 advice

Guidance whenever you need them

DR's Secret user


X   Guesswork
X   Trial and error
X   Disappointments at products that didn’t work
X   Wasted time and money

Toss the trial and error, reclaim confidence.

DR’s Secret presents #SkinSquad, a series that redefines how skin care can be done better – together.

Navigating the big world of skin care is like finding a way out of an intricate maze with many doors. It is a nightmare to do it alone. The solutions are many, but how do you know which one leads to the right path?

All it takes is someone who has been there and done that.
Someone who knows the way.

Hear our real users share their stories about how their personal skin consultant turned their skin destiny around and worked tirelessly with them to arrive at GLOW.

#SkinSquad backs you up with a special someone – your personal skin consultant whom we promise, will make all the difference in your skin journey.

Form your Squad

Find your DR’s Secret customised routine and personal skin consultant.
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