Pilling, uneven application…we answer common questions asked when applying DR’s Secret products

Skin care is meant to be enjoyed.

Struggles with product pilling and uneven application can invite unwanted worries and make your skin care routine less than enjoyable. Here we answer some commonly asked questions regarding the application of DR’s Secret products to help your daily routine stay worry-free.

Why do I experience pilling when applying products?

Why do i experience pilling when applying products

Ever tried layering on products only to see little balls rolling up on your face? Pilling usually occurs when products are applied too quickly before the first layer is fully absorbed or have penetrated into the skin. This can happen when the amount of product used is too much.

For those with drier skin, pilling may also be a result of rough and uneven skin that needs to be exfoliated.

    • If you experience pilling in between product application, give some time for each layer to be fully absorbed before applying the next.
    • Exfoliate regularly to create a smoother skin surface to encourage faster absorption.
  • For those who experience pilling when applying makeup after skin care, go for lightweight moisturisers or sunscreen options as a last step before applying makeup.

Why is there a white film on my face whenever I apply Sunscreen 5 or Moisturizer 6?

Why is there a white film on my face

This has nothing to do with the product or your skin, but everything to do with your application method. Applying Sunscreen 5 and Moisturizer 6 correctly can give you an attractive dewy sheen.

Instead of spreading the product over your face, it is much more effective to do the ‘press and roll’ method for products with thicker consistency. The whitish film you see is likely due to the product ‘sitting’ on top of your skin, not having been evenly spread or fully absorbed.

While usual spreading with the fingers is sufficient for watery, liquid-based products, thicker products may require some massaging techniques to quicken absorption.


  • If you are applying multiple layers of Sunscreen 5, keep pressing and rolling each layer in until a glowy look is achieved.

Why do products change colour over time?

Why do products change color over time

This is due to the presence of natural ingredients in Skinlight T3. Due to the intensive presence of natural botanical ingredients and the absence of colourants in the formula, the product colour may darken over time. However, product quality and efficacy are not affected.

C15 Essence 7 is a highly concentrated Vitamin C serum. It is a natural occurrence for Vitamin C serums to turn yellowish over time. This change in colour will not affect its product efficacy.


It is always good to store skin care products in cool, dry places away from direct sunlight.

Do I need to wash my face after using DR’s Secret masks?

Do i need to wash my face after mask

We recommend those with sensitive skin to lightly rinse face after sheet-masking. For non-sensitive skin, this additional step is not necessary.

For the Aestier Hydro Mask, we recommend patting in any excess essence in the packaging into your skin after removing the mask sheet to avoid any wastage.

If you are applying the Q10 Clear Mask, we recommend lightly rinsing with water to wash away any gold residue.