What the position of your acne is trying to tell you about your body

Is acne stubbornly appearing at the same few areas on your skin? Or having sudden breakouts on areas that are usually pretty clean?

The position of your acne could actually be revealing signs about your health.

Being the largest organ of the body, the skin is one avenue through which our body releases toxins. That is why certain acne outbreaks could be reflecting body issues and changes. In addition to acne treatments, a smarter way is to know why these pimples occur. Here we compiled a face map to help you understand what your acne position could mean and how to better care for your body.

Acne face map


Pimple position on hairline

A pimple on hairline could mean:

  • Your hair products are clogging up pores.
  • You’re not removing makeup fully especially around your face contours.
  • Build-up of sweat and bacteria from prolonged wearing of caps or headbands under hot weather.
To Do’s:
  • Keep your hair products such as pomade or sprays away from your fringe. Use your hands to cover your face area when using hairsprays.
  • Remove makeup thoroughly every night using a makeup remover or double cleanse with a gentle cleanser.
  • Wash your caps, headbands, workout bands regularly.


Pimple position on forehead

A pimple on forehead could mean:

  • Poor digestive health.
  • Stress and fatigue caused by late nights and irregular sleep patterns.
To Do’s:
  • Drink more water.
  • Increase fibre intake and take probiotics supplements to help with digestion.
  • Return to a regular sleeping pattern with sufficient hours of sleep.
  • Exercise or simply relax before bed time to destress.

Nose tip

Pimple position on nose

A pimple on nose tip could mean:

  • Poor diet and indigestion.
  • Increase in oil production clogging up pores.
To Do’s:
  • Include more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, cutting down on processed foods.
  • Avoid heavy makeup around the nose area to prevent clogged pores. Pores are usually most visible and around the nose area.
  • Hydrate the skin well to balance out the oil levels.


Pimple position on cheeks

A pimple on cheeks could mean:

  • Right cheek: Has to do with respiratory system.
  • Left cheek: Has to do with liver health.
  • You are pressing an unclean phone on your cheeks too often.
  • You are sleeping on unclean pillow sheets.
To Do’s:
  • Avoid smoking and being in polluted areas.
  • Pay attention to your alcohol intake, limiting it to 1 drink a day.
  • Ensure sufficient sleeping hours.
  • Disinfect your phone often and avoid touching your face with unclean hands.
  • Change up your pillow cases often, at least once a week.

Jawline and mouth

Pimple position on jawline and mouth

A pimple on jawline and mouth could mean:

  • Hormonal acne: You are experiencing hormonal changes going through a different stage in life. Acne may also occur more during a woman’s menstrual period.
To Do’s:
  • Start from your diet. Reduce the intake of high glycemic foods such as sugar, white rice and dairy.
  • Replace these foods with low glycemic foods such as leafy greens, sweet potatoes and wholegrain rice or bread.
  • Take evening primrose oil or blackcurrant seed oil supplements. These contain Gamma-Linolenic Acid which helps with hormonal balance and inflammation.

Found the answer to your acne breakouts?

To summarise it all, preventing acne has to do with 3 main things: skin care, diet and sleeping habits. Focus on the area you are lacking in to reduce the chances of repeated acne.