3 easy pore-minimising strategies

You could be born with more noticeable pores, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep them out of the limelight. Don’t miss exclusive tips from our #SecretCircle user below on how she resolved her skin pore-blems. Here we discuss a few pore-minimising strategies to help you achieve smoother-looking skin.

Pore minimising strategies

Keep them clean

Pores get stretched out and enlarged when gunk and dirt inhabit them. That is why being diligent with your cleansing routine every day is a non-negotiable. Exfoliating regularly will also remove any dead skin cells on the skin surface that clog pores.

Never go to bed with your makeup on.

It gives ample time for the makeup particles to clog up your pores overnight.

Cleanse face after using sunscreen

For DR’s Secret users who love going foundation-free and use only sunscreen, you are not spared. Facial cleansing every night is highly recommended.

Limit the “oil-supply”

In other words, hydrate!

People with dry skin often have skin that looks ‘poreless’ while oilier or combination skin tend to have more visible pores. That’s because oilier skin tends to secrete more sebum. Imagine the little vessels on our face getting more stretched out when more oil is produced. Clogged pores can also result in acne, which may leave a crater-like scar mark after.

Our skin produces more oil when it is dehydrated on the inside, so an effective way to balance oil levels is to hydrate and moisturise. Not the speediest way for visible results, but you will feel the effects in the long-run. Be patient and keep working on it!


  • Add a few drops of PentaLab Balancing Oil into DR’s Secret Toner T2 before applying to the face. Balancing Oil contains ingredients such as Rose Geranium, Rock Rose and Eucalyptus that can help decongest clogged pores and clarify skin.

Toner t2 and pentalab balancing oil

Tighten ’em up!

Use a pore-refining serum to “tighten” and reduce the appearance of pores. These can’t remove your pores entirely, but they are useful in making them less visible, causing your face to look more refined and smooth.

Drs secret refining serum 9

DR’s Secret Refining Serum is one such product that has become a must-add in our skin regime. It helps to tighten pores, smoothens the skin texture, lifts up the skin and even soothes redness.

Exclusive #SecretCircle pore-fessional tips

As someone who struggled from acne scars and enlarged pores, Yu-Han shares with us her journey to skin pore-fection.

Tips for skin care

Pores before and after

Wei Yu-Han after

“I had acne-prone skin and I used to go for cortisone shots very frequently. However, what I didn’t realise was that too much of these injections would leave behind many depression and pit marks! Even aestheticians told me that my skin condition could only be improved but these marks would not completely go away.”

Refining serum and age arrest

After my initial regime to calm the acne, I started using Age Arrest A3, Eye Cream and Refining Serum 9 on my pit marks and enlarged pores. I would mix Eye Cream and Age Arrest A3 together before applying. Together, they helped to greatly reduce the appearance of these marks and refine my skin while providing generous hydration and moisture. In just 3 months, the pimples have become lesser. My skin feels more breathable as I no longer need to depend on heavy makeup.