Stop the ‘skin abuse’! How to apply your skin care right

Are you unknowingly “abusing” your skin? You may be feeding your skin with the most luxurious skin food but using the right products is only half the battle won. How you apply is just as important.

If you’ve been finding it satisfying to vehemently slap or rub your products in, well, it’s time to stop. As the phrase suggests, skin care is about giving your skin tender loving CARE.

You’ll be glad to know that DR’s Secret products are formulated to be easily absorbed, so it’s time to stop the “skin abuse”!

We understand that it can be very difficult for first-time users to know if you are applying your skin care right. Worry not, for we are here to help. Below are useful steps and tips to take you through step by step on how to apply products in our DR’s Secret range.

Cleanser 1

Activate loads of bubbles

Cleanser 1 is a gel cleanser with a thicker consistency and many people make the mistake of rubbing it in both palms with water before spreading across the face, still in its gelish form. Cleanser 1 actually works best when loads of bubbles are activated.

The right way is to dispense a coin-sized amount of 2cm on your palm and lather with a small amount of water, rubbing in circles using the tips of your fingers.

How to apply cleanser 1

Keep lathering with small amounts of water repeatedly until a small mountain of foam is formed. The ideal foam texture should feel smooth, with very fine bubbles.

Correct way to apply cleanser 1

Tip your hand over to do a foam test; good foam texture will not drip or slide off.

Cleanser foam test


Wash your hands with soap before cleansing. It is much easier to activate foam when your hands are free from oil or grime.

Gently massage your face in circular motion. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a paper towel.

You would often hear experienced users tell you that this is the most important step, get it done right and the rest of your skin care steps will be a breeze. Remember this, a well-cleansed face would allow your products to be more easily absorbed later on.

Toner and Serums

Cotton pads are optional

Does your impression of toning involve swiping with a cotton pad? Here’s a habit to break – you don’t actually need to use a cotton pad for Toner T2 (yes, you get to save on them!).

Using a cotton pad usually helps to remove any dirt or makeup residue that was not removed during the cleansing step.

However, if you do the above cleansing step well, your pores should be freed of gunk and the use of cotton pads for Toner T2 is optional. Toner T2 can be directly applied.

Apply with light strokes

For toner and all other serums in the DR’s Secret range, dispense the desired amount on your palm before using your fingertips to spread lightly across your skin.

Spread skin care lightly across face

Alternatively, you can also choose to dispense the products directly on your skin and spread in light strokes to prevent any product wastage.

As the products are formulated to be easily absorbed, you don’t have to rub or pat them in. Sensitive skin users should always employ a gentle touch when it comes to applying products.

Avoid blowing your face with a fan, we know how tempting that can be when your face feels wet. But resist, for that will only cause the products to evaporate. Simply leave them on and give your skin some time to absorb before going on to apply moisturiser and sunscreen.

Moisturiser and sunscreen

Skin care press and roll method

Press and roll

Differing from the usual “spread and rub” method, DR’s Secret sunscreens and Moisturizer 6 are best applied using the “press and roll” method.

The “press and roll” method is effective in helping skin absorb the product, evening out skin tone while allowing your skin to be treated gently.

Try this method when applying Sunscreen 5 or 5M and white cast will never become a problem again. Instead, you will find your skin dressed in an alluring dewy glow.

For combination or oilier skin, pressing and rolling will also help your skin better absorb the more richly-textured Moisturizer 6.