Part 1: Pair em’ up! How to mix and match DR’s Secret for better skin results

Skin care doesn’t have to be boring.

When you know how to make the active ingredients work for your skin, you can actually derive loads of fun out of it, not to mention more value for your dollars spent.

As a skin care range that is highly customisable to one’s own skin, DR’s Secret gives you the freedom to get creative with your routine. That is why whether you are a beginner or a highly experienced skin care junkie, we want to show you how you can make different DR’s Secret products work better for you.

We’ve compiled below a list of creative pairings of DR’s Secret products to boost different skin goals. Try them out and have fun!

Fresh and fully cleansed – Cleanser 1 + Miraglo Face

Cleanser 1 and miraglo face

Feel instantly refreshed when you cleanse and exfoliate with Cleanser 1 and Miraglo Face up to 2-3 times a week. Create lots of foam in Cleanser 1, spread all over the face and rub with Miraglo in slow, gentle lifting strokes. We guarantee that you’ll love how smooth your face feels that it’ll be hard to resist stroking it!

Intensive hydration – Toner T2 + Hydro Mask

Toner t2 and hydro mask

For skin that’s feeling really parched, we recommend applying Toner T2 before putting on Hydro Mask for a luxurious facial ‘spa’. The mask helps to push in the hydrating actives and seal the moisture in, giving you a healthy-looking glow after just 20 minutes.

Intensive hydration – Toner T2 + Emulsion A6

For dehydrated oily skin

Toner T2 and emulsion A6

Your skin may be secreting more oil because it’s dehydrated on the inside. We recommend applying more Toner T2 and sealing the moisture in with the lightweight Emulsion A6. For more hydration, you could also finish off the routine with a few pumps of Refining Serum 9.

Blemish correctors – Spot Serum 8 + PentaLab Balancing Oil

Spot serum 8 and Pentalab balancing oil

With its antiseptic properties, Spot Serum 8 is able to help dry out blemishes, control oil production and regulate oil levels. Balancing Oil helps to support the fight against acne with its anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe redness and calm breakouts. When together, both work hand in hand to clarify the skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes. Some of our users have told us that their pores feel so much clearer!

Radiant glow – Skinlight T3 + Skinrecon T4

Skinlight T3 and Skinrecon T4

This is one of the more common pairings and we recommend sensitive drier skin to start with this after going through the Conditioning regime. Both Skinlight T3 and Skinrecon T4 are intensive serums with a concentrated amount of brightening and nourishing actives. Skinlight T3 stimulates micro-exfoliation and reduces melanin production, while Skinrecon T4 reconditions and strengthens the skin. Mixing them together provides the skin with holistic nourishment without worry of skin reactions.

For non-sensitive, oilier skin, use Skinlight T3 + Skinrecon T4 separately.

We recommend using T3 and T4 separately for less sensitive skin or skin that is healthier. If you have been diligently following a skin care routine, your skin should tend to be stronger and less reactive. Get advice from your product consultant on what’s best for your skin.

Goodbye hyperpigmentation – Skinlight T3 + C15 Essence 7

Goodbye hyperpigmentation

This is an intensive regime. Talk to your product consultant and make sure skin is fully conditioned! After applying 10-12 drops of Skinlight T3, dispense 10-12 drops of C15 Essence 7 and apply over the whole face. If you have obvious acne marks or pigmentation at certain areas, you can also concentrate T3 and 7 on the affected areas as well. Vitamin C is known for its collagen-producing and brightening effects, which is an added boost to lightening pigmentation.

The permutations are endless and this is only just the beginning. Look out for Part 2 where it gets more fun and advanced as we show you more pairings for skin nourishment and anti-ageing. How do you use DR’s Secret? Share with us if you have other techniques and combinations that have been working well for your skin!