Part 2: Pair em’ up! How to mix and match DR’s Secret for better skin results

We showed you how to pair DR’s Secret products for basic skin care and brightening benefits in “Part 1: Pair em’ up! How to mix and match DR’s Secret for better skin results”

This time, we’ll be showing you which are the best pairs for skin nourishment and anti-ageing effects.

Nourishing skin food – Skinrecon T4 + Moisturizer 6

Skinrecon T4 and Moisturizer 6

Mix 1 pump of Skinrecon T4 with 2 pumps of Moisturizer 6 and apply all over the face after your toner and serums. We found this to be highly nourishing and would recommend this for dry skin types who need that extra nourishment. We also like how this combination is readily absorbed by combination skin types too, so oil-prone skin who finds Moisturizer 6 a tad heavy can try this out!

Nourishing skin food – Age Arrest A3 + Moisturizer 6

For dry, flaky skin

Age Arrest A3 and Moisturizer 6

After applying Age Arrest A3, dispense 2 pumps of Moisturizer 6 and apply all over face. If you have dry skin or if skin feels flaky and peeling, this pair will be helpful to repair and strengthen damaged skin barrier. We recommend trying this after your skin has first gone through the Conditioning regime.

Nourishing skin food – Age Arrest A3 + Emulsion A6

For dehydrated oily skin

Age Arrest A6 and Emulsion A6

The same concept applies as above, but a lightweight alternative will be more comfortable for dehydrated skin that feels oily. If you have really dehydrated skin, you could also double up on the hydration by including this pair after applying Toner T2, followed by a layer of Moisturizer 6.

Intensive hydration: T2 + A3 + A6 + 6

Anti-ageing boosters – Age Arrest A3 + C15 Essence 7

Age arrest A3 and C15 essence 7

After applying Age Arrest A3, dispense 10-12 drops of C15 Essence 7 onto your palm and apply over the whole face. This pair sends all the antioxidant actives into your skin and is the perfect combination for your anti-ageing efforts.

Fade fine lines – Age Arrest A3 + Eye Cream

Age Arrest A3 and Eye Cream

After applying Age Arrest A3, dispense 1-2 pumps of Eye Cream and apply on areas with fine lines or acne scars. That’s right you heard us correctly, Eye Cream is not just useful for the eye area but a helpful complement to anti-ageing routines. Eye Cream contains growth-factor mimicking peptides, which complement the proprietary E-Factor ™ peptides in Age Arrest A3 to help smoothen fine lines and stimulate collagen. If your skin is urgently needing an intensive anti-ageing treatment, you can also opt to apply Eye Cream all over the face.

Eliminate dark circles – C15 Essence 7 + Eye Cream

C15 Essence 7 and Eye Cream

Mix 1-2 drops of C15 Essence 7 into Eye Cream before applying evenly around the eye areas. Vitamin C antioxidant in C15 Essence 7 complements the collagen-stimulating peptides and botanical extracts in Eye Cream to give you brighter, livelier eyes.

There you have it! The combinations are endless and so are the possibilities for your skin. How do you use DR’s Secret? Share with us if you have other techniques and combinations that have been working well for your skin!