Part 3: Pair em’ up! How to mix and match DR’s Secret products for better skin results

Feeling a little stagnant in your skin progress? Sometimes our skin needs an extra boost and mixing certain DR’s Secret products together might just do the trick!  

And that’s why we are back with Part 3 of this popular series to share more tips gathered from our experienced users to help you make the most of your DR’s Secret range. 

Read Part 1 for basic and brightening product combinationsPart 2 for skin nourishment and anti-ageing product combinations.  

Mix and match DR’s Secret products 

Qns: Guess which 2 products are in this photo?  

Emulsion A6 + Moisturizer 6 textures

Ans: Emulsion A6 + Moisturizer 6

Emulsion A6 is a lightweight moisturiser with a milky consistency while Moisturizer 6 is a thicker cream. Mixing them together creates a perfect in-between solution for combination skin or during season transitions when your skin requires moisture but not too heavy.  

The mixture is slightly creamy with a lighter consistency to pack your skin with moisture without being too burdensome.  

Recommended: Mix 2 pumps of Emulsion A6 with 2 pumps of Moisturizer 6.  

Read about the benefits of Emulsion A6 and how it can save your skin during hot summer days.  

Qns: Guess which 2 products are in this photo?  

Refining Serum 9 + Moisturizer 6 textures

Ans: Refining Serum 9 + Moisturizer 6

Those with oily skin will understand how uncomfortable it can get especially during midday in summer. That is why many people choose to forgo moisturising their skin altogether. However, not moisturising the skin causes the skin to age faster and affects skin health in the long run.  

If you face the same worry, this combination is perfect for you. Mixing the cooling gel texture of Refining Serum 9 with Moisturizer 6 creates a lightweight gel-cream consistency that feels refreshingly comfortable for everyday wear. 

Suitable for sunny days, especially for combination to oily skin.  

Recommended: Mix 3 pumps of Refining Serum 9 with 2 pumps of Moisturizer 6 

Qns: Guess which 3 products are in this photo? 

Refining Serum 9 + Eye Cream + Moisturizer 6 textures

Ans: Refining Serum 9 + Eye Cream + Moisturizer 6

If you have been a long-time user of DR’s Secret products and crave a little something more to freshen up your skin routine, this is a combination to try. 

By mixing the 3 together, you get a smooth and nourishing formula that helps to sooth, firm and smoothen the skin. This method also serves as a quick fix to help you save time if you are applying skin care on the go or rushing for time in the morning.  

(Do you know that Eye Cream is not just limited to be used on the eye area? Filled with growth-factor peptides that help to stimulate collagen synthesis, Eye Cream can also be used on the face to help with acne scars. Read 2 more undiscovered uses for eye cream to try right now 

Recommended: Mix 3 pumps of Refining Serum 9 with 2 pumps of Moisturizer 6 and 1 pump of Eye Cream.  

Note: Take care to avoid applying Moisturizer 6 around the eye areas especially for those who have more delicate skin. 

Qns: Guess which 2 products are in this photo? 

Moisturizer 6 + Balancing Oil textures

Ans: Moisturizer 6 + Balancing Oil  

This combination is a pleaser for those with dry, sensitive skin. Mixing Moisturizer 6 with a few drops of Balancing Oil can help to soothe and calm skin that is inflamed, red or irritated.   

The light fragrance of eucalyptus and lavender from Balancing Oil further makes it a calming refuge for both the skin and soul, melting the tension and stresses of the day away.  

Bonus: You can also use Balancing Oil with Cleanser 1 on days when your skin feels irritated or congested. Wash your face with Cleanser 1 and add a few drops of Balancing Oil in your rinsing water. Rinse your face with the solution at the last step.  

Finally, did you notice a common product used in each of these combinations today?  

Moisturizer 6

That’s right, it’s Moisturizer 6.  

Don’t you simply love how a product can go beyond its specific function and original properties and create new possibilities for you and your skin?  

Have you tried other creative pairings and combinations with our products? How do you mix and match DR’s Secret products? Tell us in the comments below!