Here’s a fool-proof guide on picking the best lip shades for your skin tone

Have trouble picking the right lip colour that suits you?  

With an enormous array of choices, it can be a pain trying to choose a shade that wouldn’t go wrong. We show you how to nail your next lip buy online without even having to try it in-store – by simply understanding your skin tone.  

How to choose lip colour 

Lip glacier collection

Understanding your skin tone  

Our skin tone has a great effect on our overall look, especially so when it comes to choosing our clothes, accessories and lip colours.  

Here we are looking at the undertones of your skin, which will likely fall into one of these three types: 

The Cool

  • Your skin tends to have pink, red or bluish undertones.  
  • Your skin tone tends to be lighter.  
  • The veins in your wrist appear more blue.  
  • You tend to look better with silver accessories.  
  • Your skin tends to flush or burn when you’re out in the sun.  
Lip Glacier in shade 01 Dream and 03 Adore

Your Lip Palette

  • Choose corresponding cooler shades with blue undertones. 
  • Pinks, purples and berries are likely to enhance your complexion.  
  • Nudes and neutrals with hints of blush, rose or mauve work better.  
  • For reds, don’t be afraid to try deep and rich shades such as wine, burgundy and plum red. The key is to choose reds that veer towards blue undertones.  
Lip Glacier in shade 01 Dream and 03 Adore

Lip Glacier in shade 01 Dream and 03 Adore

The Warm

  • Your skin tends to have warmer, yellow or olive undertones.  
  • Your skin tone tends to be darker.  
  • The veins in your wrist appear more green.  
  • You tend to look better with gold accessories.  
  • Your skin tans easily and turns golden-brown when you’re out in the sun.  
Lip Glacier in shade 02 Hope

Your Lip Palette

  • Choose corresponding warmer shades with orange undertones.  
  • Go for bright coral or peachy shades.  
  • Nudes and neutrals with sand, caramel and brown undertones work well.  
  • For reds, go for autumn-friendly shades like brick red, crimson and vermillion. The key is to choose reds that veer towards orange undertones. 
Lip Glacier in shade 02 Hope

Lip Glacier in shade 02 Hope

The Neutral

  • Your skin has no obvious tones of cool or warm but seems like a mixture of both. 
  • You can’t really tell if your veins are more blue or green.  
  • You look good in both silver and gold accessories.  
  • Your skin may appear more flushed first before tanning under the sun.  
Lip Glacier in shade 04 Bold

Lip Colour

  • You tend to suit a wide variety of shades (lucky you!).  
  • Most neutrals can easily pull off rich or bold reds as well as flashy colours like bright pinks. 
  • To put it simply, just go with what you like!   
Lip Glacier in shade 04 Bold

Lip Glacier in shade 04 Bold

We hope this simple guide helps but these are not strict rules. Feel free to switch things up if you really love a shade that’s different from your usual! After all, the best lip shade is one that makes you feel confident and empowered.  

Finally, a last tip – several other factors do affect the final look, such as the sheerness, glossiness and finish of the lip product so do look out for those too!