Step-by-step guide to help you level up your cleansing routine with DR’s Secret

Cleansing your face seems like a pretty common thing to do, right?  

For skin care aficionados, cleansing could be a day and night ritualistic process and for some others, facial washing includes a simple splash of water over the face in less than 10 seconds.

To us, cleansing is a non-negotiable step that paves the way to skin care success. Do it correctly and you’ll clear your skin from pollutants, prevent clog pores and prep your skin for the next step ahead – more than half the battle won.  

Cleanser 1 graphic

That is why we are dedicating a full page to this step-by-step guide to help you harness the full potential of our highly-raved Cleanser 1 and answer some common questions as we go along.

DR’s Secret Cleanser 1 

DR's Secret Cleanser 1

First, let’s start with a short introductory background to DR’s Secret Cleanser 1. It has the appearance of a gel cleanser, but its cleansing abilities are maximised when foamed up.

Some of you may have directly applied it in its gel form or tried cleansing with a little foam, but these are not the most ideal. Read on below for the comprehensive guide on how to use Cleanser 1 in your cleansing routine.

How to use Cleanser 1 in your cleansing routine 

Step 1: Wash your hands with soap  

Wash hands with soap

Our hands may be contaminated with dirt and grease, not to mention bacteria and germs invisible to the eye. It is always good practice to clean your hands before touching your face. You will also find that clean dry hands will help you foam up Cleanser 1 easily.

Step 2: Squeeze a coin-sized amount 

Coin-sized amount of cleanser

This will help you activate enough foam for your entire face.  

Step 3: Lather with a small amount of water 

Lather with water

Step 4: Sweep fingertips across palm starting with small circular strokes 

Sweep fingertips across palm with small circular strokes

Forget the conventional method of rubbing your cleanser with both palms together.  Instead, use light circular strokes to help you introduce more air, thus foaming up the cleanser quickly.  

Add more water and continue sweeping your fingers in circular strokes, this time in bigger circles  

Add more water and sweep in bigger circular motions

When you start to see small amount of foam building up, lather with more water and sweep in bigger circular motions. This will help to increase the amount and density of foam produced.  

Upside down foam on palm

The end result should be foam that looks soft and rich. It should not slide off even when you turn your palms upside down.  

Step 5: Massage  

Massaging face with cleanser foam

Apply adequate amount of foam all over your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin area and start to massage it in with your fingertips.  

Tip: Instead of using your palms, use your fingertips to massage in small circular motions, going over every inch of your skin starting from the bottom chin area. 

This method ensures that every area of your skin is well-cleansed, including areas near the ears, hairline and around the nose, which are commonly neglected.  

Avoid using excessive force to press down on your skin or rubbing too hard. Going gentle is key to avoid tugging at your skin.

Step 6: Rinse and Dab Dry 

Rinse and wash your face with water, dabbing dry at the end with tissue or a clean towel. There, you are done!  

Applying Toner T2

Tip: Follow up with DR’s Secret Toner T2 within 1-2 minutes of washing your face when your skin still feels slightly moist or damp. This helps your skin with absorption.

Though it may seem like a tedious process when broken down into such detail, it only takes a short 1-2 minutes in actual reality, maybe 3 for beginners.  

Spending that extra 1 minute on getting your cleansing routine right can get you more bang for your buck when it comes to the effectiveness of your essences and serums later.  

Still have questions about DR’s Secret Cleanser 1? Feel free to drop us a quick text below!