Your Lower Eye Isn’t the Only Eye Area that Needs Attention – DR’s Secret New Eye Mask

Should eye masks only be focused on the lower eye?

Local skin care brand DR’s Secret challenges conventional eye mask designs with the launch of its new product – Vitalising Eye Mask.

Featuring a unique fishtail shape, exclusive Liposome Intensive Delivery Technology and skin-hugging material, the eye mask targets to provide all-rounded care to refresh dull, weary eyes.

Fishtail shape eye mask

As screen time goes up exponentially and socialising is done online during this stay home period, our tired, stressed eyes are craving for a soothing relief.

Vitalising Eye Mask adopts a fishtail design, providing coverage for both the upper and lower eye, with the mask reaching all the way to the temple.

Upper and lower eyelids eye mask coverage

This takes care of areas often overlooked in our daily skin care routine, such as our upper eyelids and eye corners, which contribute to visible signs of ageing too.

Exclusive Technology, Luxe Ingredients

Vitalising eye mask high-penetration technology

The eye mask adopts an exclusive high-penetration technology – using ultra-small liposome molecules that fuse seamlessly with our skin membrane, enabling the active ingredients to penetrate into deeper skin layers.

DR's Secret eye mask ingredients

Ginseng, Fermented Pomegranate, Vitamin C, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 are star ingredients carefully selected to revitalise, firm and brighten the eye area.

Menthol is added to create a cooling sensation on the skin, effective for relieving eye fatigue and providing a soothing respite from the day’s stresses.

Skin-hugging Biocellulose Material

Craning your neck while sheet masking and trying to smooth out air pockets are common annoyances that affect what is supposed to be a pleasurable skin pampering session.

Vitalising eye mask biocellulose material

By using biocellulose material – natural microfibres 100 times smaller than plant cellulose (the material often used for cotton sheet masks), Vitalising Eye Mask hugs the skin snugly, unaffected by any facial movement, literally feeling like a second skin.

Tired of eye products that give little to no effects? Give this a try and you will be surprised. Get Vitalising Eye Mask (S$72) from DR’s Secret website today.

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