Stay radiant with these stay home skin care to-dos

Where in the past we used to look for fuss-free skin care, skin care on-the-go, skin care that fits into our heavily occupied lives, this unprecedented time of staying home could be an opportune time to rethink and re-evaluate our skin care practices. 

Here are 4 things you can do during this time to hone your skin care routine and take care of your well-being, plus additional tips to help care for your skin if you have to wear a face mask.  

1. Go foundation-free

If you’re working from home or spending majority of your time at home, this is the best time to let your skin go bare and breathe! 

If you’ve never been quite able to take a clean break from foundation previouslygrab this chance to go foundation-free all day, every day!

Simple day time skin care routineAllow your skin care routine to take over without needing coverage and enjoy the feeling of freshness. 

Prevent clogging skinsThose who struggle with acne, pore clogs or oily skin problems can focus on letting your skin heal and recover with a minimal routine without worries of clogging your skin further with makeup.  

P.S enjoy a few more winks in bed with the time saved on makeup too! 

2. Revamp your skin routine

With more time at hand, review your current skin care routine by paying more attention to your skin type and skin needs.

Review skin care routineWithout putting on makeup at all, observe how your skin feels as the day progresses in room temperature and learn to identify your skin type. Does your skin feel dry, oily or oily but dry on the inside? Know your skin types and how to care for them. Tweak your skin routine accordingly.  

If you’re still worried about not getting your skin type and routine right, skip the guesswork and simplify things by completing a 5-minute skin quiz on our website to receive a recommended routine according to your skin needs and a skin buddy to help you along in your journey.  

DR's Secret skin buddyShare your skin needs or goals with your skin buddy and work closely together to create the solution for your skin. For those of you who are already DR’s Secret users, consider reviewing your current skin routine by talking to your skin buddy about your current lifestyle habits and skin goals. 

3. Work on your inner wellbeing (diet, sleep, exercise)

Skin care goes beyond topical creams and serums. Your physical and emotional well-being correlates to your skin health too.

Planning your meals, having a more balanced diet, drinking more water are some positive changes you can make to your dietary habits while staying home.

Reduce on feelings of anxiety or stress by unplugging from your home office at regular timings. Focus your attention on the things you love, get started on the hobby you’ve always been finding time to do, spend quality time connecting with your family and catch up with your besties online. Though exercising outdoors may be limited during this time, stay fit with a good exercise routine at home.  

Quality sleep for skinWe cannot emphasise more on how much quality sleep impacts our skin health too. While we are asleep, our skin goes through intense repair and regeneration. Instead of going on a daily Netflix binge till the wee hours, form a regular sleep pattern and take this chance to catch up on rest. Learn How your night routine can help improve your skin while you sleep 

We understand how staying home can be an uncomfortable change, but you can make this season work to your advantage by using this slower pace to help you kick start and build positive habits!

4. Face mask skin hacks

Prevent breakouts from wearing face maskFinally, for those of you who are in essential services or who needs to commute daily with your masks on for long periodshere are a few tips to help keep your skin free from irritation.

First, keep to a very simple day-time routine of cleanse, moisturise and sunscreen to avoid clogging your skin since it can get pretty humid underneath the face mask.

Wash your face immediately after getting home to remove germs and grime that may have accumulated through the day 

Exfoliate more regularly during this season, at least 1-2 times a week. This will help to prevent pore clogs. However, if you do have sensitive skinobserve how your skin responds to your usual exfoliation rhythm before deciding to increase the frequency.

Soothe sensitive areas on faceLastly, end off the night by using DR’s Secret Moisturizer 6 and DR’s Secret Refining Serum 9 to soothe sensitive areas especially on the lower half of your face. You can also try mixing 1-2 drops of PentaLab Balancing Oil with Moisturizer 6 to soothe any redness and allow the comforting scent of eucalyptus and lavender to rejuvenate your mind.

Let’s stay home, stay safe and stay radiant!