This underrated product is your best bet in hot and humid weathers

There are many times when we receive questions from our readers and we just want to take today to say that WE HEAR YOU!

One question that frequently pops up has to do with this underrated but oh-so-useful product especially in summer – the Emulsion A6.

What is the Emulsion A6?

Emulsion A6 Lightweight moisturizer

First, let’s answer the perennial question – what is an EMULSION? In short, it is a lighter version of a moisturiser.

Emulsion A6 texture

Emulsions are lightweight, usually thinner than creams and has a more watery consistency.

The Aestier Emulsion A6 performs the function of a moisturiser – it hydrates and seals moisture in, without feeling too heavy especially on oily and combination skin.

Moisturizer 6 vs Emulsion A6

Moisturizer 6 vs Emulsion A6

Emulsions are skin saviours for hot and humid climates, allowing your skin to breathe fresh but feeding its craving for hydration at the same time.

For those with dry skin, wait a minute before you conclude that this is not for you. Emulsions can be helpful when layered underneath your moisturiser or creams for that extra hydration. This simple trick can help to boost moisture levels when your skin is feeling extremely parched.

What’s in the Emulsion A6?

If you are thinking that the Emulsion A6 is simply a watered-down version of the DR’s Secret Moisturizer 6, think again.

Emulsion A6 ingredients

Nutritive herbal extracts are added into the formula so that it doubles up as a protective solution against environmental stressors and premature ageing.

  • ‘Power 7’ Phytonutrients – Broccoli, Brown Rice, Cabbage, Carrot, Celery, Tomato, Turnip Extracts

Apart from providing moisture, these are also natural antioxidants that help to protect the skin against free radical damage especially when exposed to sunlight and pollution.

  • ZymoScience™ Pomegranate and Ginseng Extracts

A prized herb in South Korea, Ginseng is known for its numerous benefits such as its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help to keep fine lines and other effects of ageing at bay.

Similarly, pomegranate is a strong antioxidant that helps to encourage cell renewal and promotes firm, youthful skin. Helpful for both dry and oily skin types, it soothes dry irritated skin, prevents moisture loss, and also works to combat breakouts and reduce scarring.

  • ACT-Peptides™ (Aestier Counter Time Peptides)

Unique to DR’s Secret products, these peptides help to work on skin’s molecular pathways to increase skin youthfulness, elasticity and rosiness.

How To Use Emulsion A6

Oily Skin

How to apply emulsion a6 for oily skin

  • Dispense 3 to 4 pumps onto palm and apply evenly onto face and neck before sunscreen.

Combination Skin

How to apply emulsion a6 for combination skin

  • Use on its own at the T Zone area.
  • Mix 2 pumps of Emulsion A6 with 1 pump of Moisturizer 6 and apply on drier areas.
  • This helps to ensure sufficient hydration at drier areas of the skin without feeling too heavy.

Dry Skin

How to apply emulsion a6 for dry skin

  • On days when skin feels dehydrated, apply Emulsion A6 all over the face before layering with Moisturizer 6 on top for extra hydration.