Achieve better results when you face mask at these timings

Donning a face mask is like giving your skin a pampering soak in a nutrient-filled bath.

You can typically put on a face mask at any time you fancy but knowing the right masks to apply at the right time can boost your masking goals and help you get the most out of each application.

Below we recommend the best timings to use your masks for hydrating, brightening, anti-ageing… you get the picture.

After face cleansing

Cleansing masking routine for your skin

Most instructions on face mask products would tell you to apply after cleansing your face. It’s best for your pores to be kept clean and free from accumulated gunk so as to receive the nourishing actives from your masks, obstacle-free. For those with makeup on during the day, washing your face first is a no-brainer.

Remember, always start with a clean slate.

After you are done with night cleansing, take the chance to apply clarifying masks that help to extract impurities from within your skin. Use those once to twice a week as they tend to be more drying.

At night before bed

The time when we are asleep is also the best recovery time for our skin. While we are asleep, our skin goes through intense repair and regeneration, producing new skin cells and sheds away the old dried ones.

Q10 Clear Mask

Sheet masking before bed proves helpful in supplying your skin with the added oomph it needs to do its work well. Since the goal we are trying to achieve here is skin renewal and regeneration, this is the best time to whip out your anti-ageing masks like the DR’s Secret Q10 Clear Mask – infused with antioxidants and Nano Gold powder that help to stimulate collagen production and smoothen fine lines.

If your skin feels tired or stressed, calming masks with gentle, soothing ingredients are perfect to prep for a restful sleep.

Read here for more tips to an effective night routine.

In the morning

Surprise, surprise. While masking is commonly thought of as a night time activity, masking in the morning brings benefits to keep your skin on point for the day.

If you are a 6am morning routine kind of girl, use the extra time you have for a 15-minute hydrating sheet mask therapy. Hydrating masks are particularly helpful for replenishing moisture that was lost in the night due to trans epidermal water loss.

Hydro Mask

The Aestier Hydro Mask is a fuss-free option for the morning. It is easy to apply, gives quick visible results and plumps up your skin from the inside out. After you’ve removed the mask, simply pat in the excess essence into your skin and you are ready to go!

For those who like a touch of makeup before going out, prepping your skin with a hydrating mask helps makeup stay put and mess-free throughout the day.

For those who dig the foundation-free look (that’s us!), nothing spells confidence like soft hydrated skin with a natural dewy glow.

Bonus: Mask more before an important event

Pure Mask

Is your big day drawing near? Go for an intensive glow treat by masking more frequently. You can even go up to 3 times a week or more if your skin feels up for it. The preservative-free DR’s Secret Pure Mask is an example of a sheet mask that can be used frequently, even every day! Formulated with botanical extracts, Pure Mask gives skin a luminous glow while being extremely gentle to the skin.

A tip to avoid nasty reactions and breakouts is to keep to your usual staples – masks that you have tested and proven safe. Avoid using new products as the big day draws near. We recommend stepping up on sheet masking but keep clarifying and clay masks to once a week.