8 must-know survival tips to brave through every skin problem in summer

With temperature and humidity levels on the rise, how do you beat the heat and emerge unscathed from the fury of the scorching sun?

Below we put together a comprehensive summer survival guide to help you tackle every possible summer skin problem so you can have your share of fun under the sun.


Heat and humidity cause our sweat and sebaceous glands to become more alive than ever in summer, which equates to more oil and greasiness.

This is the point where you start being diligent about your cleansing routine – by this we do not mean to clean more, but rather, to clean thorough.

Survival Tip 1: Thorough Cleansing

  • Take note of how many times you wash your face

Keep to washing your face twice a day. Cleansing your face too many times a day strips your skin of its natural oils. This alarms your skin to compensate the loss by producing even more sebum.

The initial cleanse may feel great, but over washing may lead your skin to become oilier in the long run.

  • Use room temperature water

Cleanse your face with tepid or room temperature water to avoid drying out your skin and damaging its natural moisture barrier.

  • Do a gentle double cleanse

We recommend removing your makeup or sunscreen with Aestier Cleansing Cream A1 followed by washing with DR’s Secret Cleanser 1. They are really gentle to the skin and contain hydrating properties, so your skin doesn’t feel tight but fresh and soft after each wash.

Acne and Clogged Pores

Notice breakouts happening more frequently during summertime? That’s because it is much easier for sweat, sebum and dead skin cells to be trapped in your skin, causing clogged pores. The increased moisture on your skin attracts dust particles and bacteria, increasing your chances of inflammation and breakouts.

Survival Tip 2: Exfoliate

Before acne occurs, work on exfoliating one to two times a week. Exfoliating helps to remove the build-up of dead skin cells so your pores can breathe fresh and are less likely to clog. A non-abrasive easy-to-use exfoliator like Miraglo can reach deep into your pores to gently lift away dead cells and impurities.

Survival Tip 3: Spot Treat

Bring out your spot treatments to attack those areas where acne has occurred. Use DR’s Secret Spot Serum 8 on your blemishes or over your face to help with oil control if you have oilier skin.

Survival Tip 4: Hydrate

We are going that far to say that the most important thing you can do for you skin during the hot summer spell is to constantly feed it with water.

Hydrating your skin helps to balance out sebum levels, which equates to resolving much of your greasy problems later.

A smart way to do so is to skip the heavier creams and adopt lightweight moisturisers like Aestier Emulsion A6 and hydrating toners or serums like DR’s Secret Toner T2. Those pack a water punch without burdening your skin.

Survival Tip 5: Go Minimal

If your skin has been experiencing long-term breakouts, consider cutting back on your skin care routine and go back to basics. Give your skin the bare essentials until it becomes more stable. Learn the easy way to do so here

Ageing and Pigmentation

Sunscreen for summer

Need we say more? Sunscreen is your personal best friend and there can be no compromise if you wish to win the battle against fine lines and dark spots. Control the shine and feel light and fresh with a mattifying sunscreen like the DR’s Secret Sunscreen Matte 5M.

Survival Tip 7: Load up on Antioxidants

Vitamin C essence for skin

Supplement your diet with antioxidants. Antioxidants help to neutralise the damage by free radicals to prevent premature ageing. Incorporate a Vitamin C essence in your skin diet like the DR’s Secret C15 Essence 7. Loading up on antioxidant-rich foods such as tomatoes and avocados doesn’t hurt too.


Heat can trigger sensitive skin, resulting in red flushes. Those in hot but dry regions may also observe their dry skin becoming more dehydrated during the summer spells.

Survival Tip 8: Use Products that Soothe and Calm

Cool your skin down by putting on a gentle hydrating mask such as the Aestier Hydro Mask. Try chilling the mask in the fridge before use for a more relaxing experience.

Multi-functional serums like the DR’s Secret Refining Serum 9 is especially helpful for calming down redness and soothing stressed skin. Use it at the last step of your routine to comfort skin.