5 simple tips to maximise your sheet masks

Sheet masks are amazing, aren’t they? They are a great enhancement to our skin care routine and provide extra nutrients for our skin. 

After a long day, sheet masking is one of the best things you can do to relax and give yourself a treat. 

With a wide variety available in the market, there is a sheet mask for almost every skin type.

Hydro Mask

Sheet masking tips and tricks

We share some tips and tricks to help boost your masking experience and ensure your skin gets to soak up all the goodness from your sheet masks!

1. Pop your masks in the fridge

Pop your masks in the fridge

Have you been storing your sheet masks on your vanity? Why not try chilling them in the fridge! Applying masks chilled can cool your skin down immediately during a hot and humid day. It also feels especially refreshing at night after a long day. Chilling your face masks is one of the best ways to enhance your masking experience.

If your skin looks puffy in the morning, applying a chilled sheet mask can help to depuff your face. Feel refreshed and rejuvenated!

2. Pair your sheet mask with an eye mask

Pair your sheet mask with an eye mask

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? But by pairing your sheet mask with an eye mask, you can intensively hydrate your face and care for your eye area at the same time! Before applying your sheet mask, put on an eye mask underneath. 

Eye Mask

Opt for an eye mask that covers the upper and lower eye area like the Vitalising Eye Mask. This ensures that every corner of the skin around your eyes is taken care of. Made with biocellulose material, the eye mask is seamlessly adhesive and hugs your skin snugly.

3. Apply your mask in the morning

Apply your mask in the morning

Sheet masking is not just for the night! Putting on a sheet mask at night makes a perfect relaxing skin care routine at the end of the day. However, you can also apply a hydrating sheet mask in the morning after your skin care routine. Doing this provides a hydration boost to replenish moisture that may have been lost during the night due to trans epidermal water loss. 

Remember to always cleanse your face well before applying your sheet masks so that your pores are clean and able to absorb the nutrients well. Check out how you can achieve the best results with your face masks by applying them at the right timings!

4. Use a beauty device

Use a beauty device

Instead of just applying the sheet mask and patting in the essence after, try using a beauty device such as LIF. It will help to increase the absorption and effectiveness of your sheet masks. Apply your sheet mask and use the Light (red, yellow or blue) mode on LIF. Adopt the pause-and-hold technique with your sheet mask on.

LIF Guide

After you remove the mask, use B or L mode to help increase the absorption of your sheet mask actives.

5. Seal in the nutrients with a moisturiser

Hydro Mask + Aqua Boost Serum 10 + Moisturizer 6

Don’t forget to lock in all the nutrients after sheet masking. You can help the benefits last longer by finishing with a moisturiser to seal moisture in. For extra hydration, try applying an ultra-hydrating serum such as Aqua Boost Serum 10, followed by an intensive moisturiser like Moisturizer 6.