4 easy steps for effective beauty sleep

Here’s a potentially familiar scene. It’s 11 PM and you’re lying on your bed. You’ve washed up, done your skin care routine, turned off the lights and are ready for bed. But you can’t seem to resist the temptation, and you begin to reach for your phone…

The next day when you look into the mirror, you see your dark circles getting darker and you look like a tired wreck. You promise yourself you’re going to sleep earlier tonight. Yet, the same thing happens again. 

Does quality sleep really make our skin better?

Does quality sleep really make our skin better?

No, it is not a myth. Beauty sleep is very real. The key to having better skin is to get 7 to 9 hours of shut-eye each night.

While sleeping, our skin goes through intense repair and regeneration. When our body is in recovery mode, it produces hormones that help the skin heal from any damage sustained during the day. New skin cells are also produced at a quicker rate.

A study found that insufficient sleep has a negative impact on our facial appearance.1 By sleeping a little more each day, you might see your skin improving and perhaps sport a healthier-looking glow.

Many common skin issues arise from a lack of sleep. Little or poor sleep can result in:  

1. Dark eye circles and eye bags 
2. Ageing skin 
3. Dull skin 
4. Dry or dehydrated skin 

It might be difficult for some to sleep early because of life’s many distractions. Here, we’ve compiled easy tips to help you head to dreamland early. Try them to help you achieve effective beauty sleep!  

4 steps for effective beauty sleep

1. Put down your phone and pick up a book

Put down your phone and pick up a book

Do you know? Our eyes are unable to block blue light effectively. Blue light emitted by our devices suppresses the body’s release of melatonin – the hormone that makes us feel drowsy. Thus, we recommend you to avoid using electronic devices 2 to 3 hours before bed. Instead, try picking up a book. Reading can help in de-stressing and soothing anxiety, which may help your body find it easier to fall asleep!

2. Enjoy a relaxing skin care routine

Enjoy a relaxing skin care routine

Pamper yourself with a relaxing skin care routine and relieve the day’s fatigue.  

Using the right products and application methods can help to boost skin results and relieve tension. As night time is our “golden recovery hour”, the products we choose to apply before bed are important to help our skin regenerate.  

We recommend including products with brightening and anti-ageing benefits to achieve youthful-looking skin. Above are our “secret” night routine must-haves. Learn how these products can help improve your skin at night!

Use a sheet mask two to three times a week


Use a sheet mask two to three times a week to give your skin extra TLC!

3. Use essential oils

Using the right essential oils can help us relax and improve our quality of sleep. Scents such as Lavender, Chamomile and Eucalyptus help to soothe and calm the mind to induce sleep.

Pentalab Balancing Oil

With a blend of 10 essential oils including Lavender, Rose Geranium and Eucalyptus, PentaLab Balancing Oil is a multitasker that helps to soothe skin while providing a light and calming fragrance. Apply a few drops of Balancing Oil on your temples before heading to bed and let the soothing, botanical aroma lull you to sleep.

You can also try mixing a few drops of Balancing Oil with DR’s Secret skin care products for an elevated skin care experience. 

*If you are allergic to certain ingredients, always check the product label. We recommend you to do a sensitivity test first by applying the product at the back of your ear or the inside of your arm to detect any signs of reaction or allergy. This can help reduce the chance of irritation. 

4. Do light stretches

Do light stretches

Light stretches before bed can help to relieve muscle tension accumulated throughout the day, improve blood circulation and prevent sleep-disrupting cramps. Take your pick from the many tutorials available online, follow the simple steps and melt the day’s tension away. 

1Sundelin, T., Lekander, M., Sorjonen, K., & Axelsson, J. (2017). Negative effects of restricted sleep on facial appearance and social appeal. Royal Society Open Science, 4(5), 160918. https://doi.org/10.1098/rsos.160918