When is the best time to apply these DR’s Secret products?

Can I apply DR’s Secret products in the day and at night? Is it better to apply certain products only at night?

Using your skin care products at the right time can help to maximise its benefits and quicken your journey to skin glow.

While most of DR’s Secret products can be used day and night, we share insider tips on the best times to use these DR’s Secret products to reap the most benefits for your skin.

1. Cleanser 1 & Cleansing Cream A1

cleanser 1 & cleansing cream a1

We generally recommend facial cleansing to be done twice a day – once in the morning and once at night.

As a gentle and hydrating facial cleansing gel, Cleanser 1 draws out impurities from your skin, with additional soothing benefits that can calm tired, stressed skin.


Night-time cleansing is self-explanatory. After a day of accumulating dirt, oils, grime and leftover makeup or sunscreen, you want to cleanse your skin thoroughly to allow your pores to breathe free. Skipping your cleansing routine can result in clogged pores, acne and dull skin.

Consider double cleansing by using Cleansing Cream A1 to remove makeup or sunscreen followed by Cleanser 1 for facial washing. Doing your cleansing routine right helps your skin to absorb the rest of your skin care effectively, which means greater effects!


Your skin may feel less dirty in the morning, but certain oily or combination skin types can produce oil overnight as you sleep. Face cleansing in the morning can help you start your day on a refreshing note.

Those with dry or very sensitive skin types may opt to wash your face with clean water only or shorten the cleansing duration, depending on your needs.

miraglo with cleanser 1

While we love the feeling of fresh skin, take note to never overdo cleansing as washing your face too often can strip away your skin’s natural moisture and weaken your skin barrier. Two times a day is sufficient.

Tip: Use Miraglo (our microfibre exfoliating cloth) with Cleanser 1 once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells and boost your glow. Those with sensitive skin can consider exfoliating once a month.

2. The sunscreen series

You’d have heard us emphasise time and time again – never neglect sun protection in the day. Always end off your day routine with sunscreen as the last step to defend against damage by UVA and UVB rays. This also helps the skin care actives in the preceding steps work better for your skin.

the sunscreen series

For instance, if you’re using Skinlight T3 in the day, applying sunscreen becomes even more essential! Skinlight T3 is concentrated with natural fruit extracts, which inherently contain weak organic acids.

The nature of the fruit acids encourages skin renewal but may increase skin sensitivity when under the sun. Applying sunscreen after using T3 protects the skin from sensitivity and is a step not to be missed!

At night, we tend to complete our night routine right before bed. Our skin is less exposed to strong UV light and sunscreen will not be required at this time. 

3. C15 Essence 7

c15 essence 7

Can C15 Essence 7 be used in the day? This is a frequently asked question, and the answer is YES!

As a Vitamin C essence, C15 Essence 7 is a brightening booster that helps to eliminate dark spots, protect your skin against UV and encourage radiance. It can be used to target different purposes during day and night.

In the day, its strong antioxidant properties can help to neutralise free radical damage contributed by UV exposure. We recommend to use C15 Essence 7 in the day followed by ample amount of sunscreen to double up on your sun protection efforts.

c15 essence 7

Tip: If you are concerned with Vitamin C products oxidising under UV and leaving an orange/brown tinge on your skin, simply layer other products over C15 Essence 7 and apply sunscreen as your final step.

To regain your skin bounce, include C15 Essence 7 in your night time routine to boost collagen synthesis and encourage skin rejuvenation while you sleep.

4. Age Arrest A3

age arrest a3

Those who wish to target anti-ageing will love Age Arrest A3. Using a proprietary E-Factor™ peptide contained in a freeze-dried tab, Age Arrest A3 speaks to our skin to encourage collagen synthesis and skin renewal, reducing fine lines and improving skin texture.

The freeze-drying technique ensures that the peptide is preserved in its maximum activity for a fresh and precise dosage with each use.

As it is a concentrated treatment product, you only need to apply one tab a day, either day or night.

We recommend using it at night together with AR Essence A3 as our skin recovery and rebuilding processes are most active while we are asleep.

5. Sheet masks

sheet masks

We are used to thinking that sheet masks are better applied at night but they can work for your skin in the day too. Apply Pure Mask, Hydro Mask and Q10 Clear Mask either in the day or night depending on your preference.

Read Achieve better results when you face mask at these timings to discover the best timings for sheet-masking.

Generally, we recommend sheet-masking at least two times a week on days when you need a hydrating or brightening treat.

apply moisturizer 6 or emulsion a6

Tip: Lock in the benefits from your sheet masks by applying Moisturizer 6 or Emulsion A6 after you’re done masking.

BONUS: Conditioning Lip Butter

conditioning lip butter

Conditioning Lip Butter can act as a lip balm in the day and an intensive lip treatment at night. Simply apply a thick layer on your lips before bed to wake up with smooth, heathy looking lips!