This beauty device ticks off your skin goals in just 5 minutes a day

Skin care and technology can actually be great partners for your beauty routine. Using a beauty device can boost the effects of your products and help to speed things up.

Besides, with ‘stay-home’ becoming a social norm, owning a beauty device makes for a convenient facial that can be done daily in the comfort of your pajamas.

Want to boost and quicken the effects of your DR’s Secret products? Try DR’s Secret LIF.

This beauty tool is so well-loved that it has been sold out many times.

Keep reading to find out why.


Use LIF if you want to:

  • Increase absorption and effectiveness of your skin care products
  • Reduce acne and increase speed of recovery
  • Brighten skin
  • Reduce the appearance of dark spots
  • Rejuvenate skin
  • Soothe red and irritated skin
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Plump skin and help skin appear firmer
  • Deeply cleanse skin
  • Refine and smoothen skin complexion

We are not kidding. Created with 4 different technologies and 6 modes to choose from, LIF is your smart companion that helps you tackle a long list of skin woes.

4 Different Technologies

1. Renew (Near Infrared)

Renew (near infrared)
  • Near-infrared helps to recharge and revitalise our skin.
  • Our skin cells work hard to absorb good skin care nutrients from our products, eliminate waste matter and toxins, produce healthy cells.
  • Near infrared recharges our skin cells so that they can work at an optimum level.
  • Our natural skin barrier is strengthened, and skin appears more refined.

2. Nourish (Iontophoresis)

Nourish (iontophoresis)
  • Uses positive (+) and negative (-) ions to pull out dirt and push in skin care nutrients.
  • Provides deep nourishment: Positively charged titanium message head repel the positively charged (+) DR’s Secret skin care products to push them deeper into the skin for enhanced skin benefits.
  • With LIF, skin care absorption rate can be multiplied by 400%!

3. Light (LED)

Light (led)
  • Red: Promotes blood circulation and antioxidant benefits.
  • Blue: Antibacterial, soothes and calms skin, great for acne.
  • Yellow: Brightens skin, minimises the appearance of pores and refines skin texture.

4. Heat (Radiofrequency)

Heat (radiofrequency)

Radiofrequency helps to encourage collagen synthesis.

  • Skin is lifted, smooth and appears youthful.
  • It also enhances absorption of skin care products into our skin.
  • A comforting warming sensation can be felt.

6 Different Modes

lif 6 different modes

1. Cleansing Mode (C)

  • Gently pulls out dirt and residue from skin
  • Deeply cleanses
  • Soothes troubled skin

2. Vitamin C Mode (V)

  • Helps our skin absorbs Vitamin C serums
  • Encourages skin renewal and rejuvenation

3. Brightening Mode (B)

  • Brightens skin tone and lightens dark spots
  • Refines the appearance of pores

4. Lifting Mode (L)

  • Lifts skin and helps skin appear more firm
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Balances our skin’s sebum and moisture levels

5. Heat Mode

  • Irons out fine lines
  • Plumps skin from within
  • Enhances skin care absorption

6. Light Mode

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Refines and brightens skin

Simple gliding and pause-and-hold techniques

Use simple gliding and pause-and-hold techniques.
Apply your skin care products and use LIF to get more results out of your skin care for only 5-10 minutes a day!

Consult and check with your Skin Buddy for the correct application methods of your LIF device to suit your skin needs.