The anti-ageing revolution that impressed so many women

When it comes to ageing, most women would tell you that the three biggest problems to conquer are Wrinkles, Dark Spots and Sagging Skin. Unlike acne and blackheads, they are not ones to go away after a few days, which make them really stubborn and difficult to resolve.

Ageing skin

While there are numerous products available, it is not easy to find products that can do the job and most importantly, do it well.

Which is why we created our anti-ageing duo – Age Arrest and AR Essence A3.

Specifically targeting your ageing process, Age Arrest and AR Essence A3 work seamlessly together to rescue your youth. Here’s why they stand out from the crowd:

1. Proprietary E-Factor™ peptide 

Sounds big, because it really is. Our skin contains growth factors that act like signals to remind our skin to conduct cell renewal. 

Proprietary E-Factor™ peptide

Think of them like green traffic lights; when they come on, the cell renewal process continues and our skin gets to regenerate itself. But when external factors such as ageing and pollution causes the green lights to malfunction, what you get is a massive jam resulting in slower cell renewal rate and many other skin problems.

The E-Factor™ peptide in Age Arrest A3 is a growth-factor mimicking peptide. It acts like our skin’s natural growth factor to remind it to renew itself. This helps to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, smoothening out fine lines, ensuring that our skin stays plump and supple even as the years go by.  

2. Freeze-Dried Tab

Patented freeze-dried tab

Peptides are fragile in nature and those kept in creams or serums that get exposed to the environment can be easily broken down, providing much lower activity than stated. 

Our E-Factor™ peptide is preserved in a freeze-dried tab so that the peptides remain stable for a fresh and precise dosage with every use. Freeze drying it will also greatly minimise any bacteria contamination.

Plus, each tablet is stored in a blister pack, which makes it super convenient to carry around especially when travelling.   

3. AR Essence A3 – the perfect complement

This is a specially formulated essence for the optimum activity of Age Arrest A3. You may ask, can Age Arrest A3 be activated with any other essence? The answer is yes. However, the level of activity may not be as strong as with the AR Essence A3.


AR Essence A3 forms ‘cochleate’ structures which are flexible delivery molecules that can help deliver E-Factor™ to the deeper layers of our skin, penetrating through our pores, ensuring you get the most out of Age Arrest A3. Compared to other essences, it can also better ensure the stability of E-Factor™ activity, as seen in the graph below.

Stability of e-factor™ activity

Results after an 8-week trial 

We did a test on the effectiveness of Age Arrest and AR Essence A3 set on 34 people consisting of both men and women, mainly women, aged mainly between 35-65.

Results after an 8-week trial

These are huge improvements after only 8 weeks! The above findings are not based on subjective opinions but scientifically obtained, using equipment that gives specific readings.

How to use Age Arrest Set

How to use:  

  • Apply after cleansing and toning, 
  • Lift from the centre of each covering foil and peel off to retrieve an Age Arrest A3 tablet from the blister pack.  
  • Dissolve 1 tab with 1 tube of AR Essence A3. 
  • Gently apply the solution onto face.  
  • Use morning or night.  

Watch our video tutorial here


  • Use for at least 3 months to see optimal effects.