Tackle dark circles, fine lines and eye bags with DR’s Secret

Tired of being told that you look tired? Dark circles, puffiness and dull sunken skin around our eye area tend to give us a fatigued expression. It doesn’t help that spikes in screen time and lack of sleep constantly pervade our current lifestyles.

Top 3 categories that cause strain on our eye area:

1. Lifestyle

High screen time graphic
  • High screen time

Constantly looking at our devices can cause more frequent squinting, strain and eye fatigue.

Lack of sleep graphic
  • Lack of sleep

Not getting enough sleep hinders our skin regenerative process and compromises blood circulatory flow. Sleep-deprived/fatigue cues include hanging eyelids, swollen eyes, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. ​

High-salt diet graphic
  • Diet

A high-salt diet and excessive alcohol are common culprits of water retention, which leads to swelling and puffiness.

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  • Neglecting skin care

Without proper skin care, our skin appears dehydrated and dull, further reflecting a sunken expression around the eye area.

2. Genetics

This has got to do with our general skin tone and skin thickness.

Fairer or thinner skin eye area

Dark circles may be more apparent on those with fairer or thinner skin as the skin is unable to conceal underlying veins fully. Those dark circles appear more blueish or purplish.

Darker skin tone eye area

People with darker skin tone may also produce more pigmentation around the eye area, which causes overall darkening of the skin under the eyes.

Dark circles as a result of genetics are harder to eliminate compared to lifestyle causes.

3. Ageing

A natural process that causes our skin renewal rate to slow down, producing less collagen than before. Eye bags, crows’ feet and wrinkles become more obvious as we age.

But, not all is lost. We show you how to use DR’s Secret eye care series together with useful hacks to help you tackle hard-to-eliminate eye area skin woes.

How DR’s Secret eye care series can help

1. Vitalising Eye Mask

Vitalising eye mask

On days when you need to give your fatigued eyes an intensive treat, DR’s Secret Vitalising Eye Mask is your go-to bedtime buddy.

Vitalising Eye Mask was made to target multiple skin issues around the eye areas. Ingredients such as Ginseng Root, Pomegranate Fruit extracts and Vitamin C help to revitalise skin, soothe puffiness around the eye area, plump and brighten the skin.

The eye mask also uses an exclusive Liposome Intensive Delivery Technology that pushes active ingredients into deeper layers of our skin for maximum absorption.


Store Vitalising Eye Mask in the fridge before applying for a soothing and relaxing masking experience to help depuff your eyes quickly.

2. Eye Cream

eye cream drs secret

Our skin contains naturally occurring growth factors that stimulate cell growth and tissue repair. Eye Cream uses a blend of peptides that mimic these growth factors.

Skin appears firmer with improved elasticity and appearance of fine lines are reduced.

Botanical ingredients and Caffeine are also added to help soothe puffiness and brighten skin.

Starting on eye care early is always a good move. The skin around the eyes is most delicate, making any formation of fines lines or dark circles extremely hard to reverse. We recommend incorporating eye care products in your early 20s to get started on anti-ageing as the old adage goes – prevention is always better than cure.

Tip 1

Use DR’s Secret LIF Brightening or Lifting modes after applying Eye Cream to accelerate absorption of the eye cream actives. Use the gliding method to gently massage LIF around your eye area.

B mode helps to brighten the skin while L mode is useful for lifting the skin and smoothening fine lines.

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Tip 2

When applying Eye Cream, tap and massage gently around your eye area using your fingertips to encourage absorption. Avoid tugging at your eyelids and corners to prevent fine lines.

Finally, a last word – permanent change starts with working on our lifestyle habits.

Make getting enough rest, managing your screen time, switching to a low-sodium diet, staying hydrated and anti-ageing skin care your top 5 resolutions and watch you transform from dull and weary to fresh and bright!