Supercharge your skin care products with this well-loved beauty device

Just like how we are getting “smarter” in the way we live, innovative beauty technologies can literally transform our skin care routine by making our products work smarter for us.

LIF - innovative beauty technology

Perhaps it’s time for you to consider including one in yours to supercharge your skin care products and boost their effects. LIF is one such well-loved beauty device that’s also a multitasker.

Keep reading to find out more about this beauty device and how it can help quicken your skin progress!

Learn about DR’s Secret beauty device — LIF

Made with four high-performance technologies, LIF is your daily skin companion that helps to tackle a whole list of skin care concerns. The four different technologies — Renew, Nourish, Light and Heat work in six unique combinations to provide targeted solutions for specific skin goals. With consistent daily use, you will witness boosted skin progress and enhanced product effects. Tick off your skin goals with just 5 minutes of use a day!

4 different technologies

LIF - 4 Technologies

6 different modes

LIF - 6 modes

How LIF can help to supercharge your skin care products

1. Enhance absorption of your skin care products

use LIF with C15 essence

Help your skin absorb your Vitamin C serum better by using LIF’s Vitamin C Mode (V) for 3 minutes after applying the product. This mode helps to accelerate Vitamin C penetration into the skin, so that your skin enjoys its maximum benefits – think youthful, radiant glow! The V mode also helps to reduce damage caused by externals aggressors to our skin during the day.

Tip: Using V mode with DR’s Secret products

When using V Mode, prep your skin with Toner T2 before applying C15 Essence 7. This helps to facilitate the gliding motion and ensure better absorption of the serum.

2. Brighten your skin complexion

Skinlight t3 and Skinrecon t4

For those looking to revive your dull skin for a brighter skin complexion, use the brightening duo – Skinlight T3 and Skinrecon T4 – together with the Brightening Mode (B) for 7 minutes. This mode helps to brighten your skin tone, lighten dark spots and refine the appearance of your pores too! If pigmentation is a concern that’s been bugging you, give this mode a try.

Scroll to the end of the article for a summary of DR’s Secret products that can be used with B Mode!

3. Lift and firm your skin

use LIF with Aqua boost serum 10

Those spotting fine lines and sagging skin may opt to use the Lifting Mode (L) for 5 minutes every day to give your skin a “lift”. This mode is also useful for smoothening fine lines and balancing our skin’s sebum and moisture levels. Use it with a serum!

Lift and firm your skin gif

4. Tackle fine lines

For intensive treatment of fine lines, pair your anti-ageing products with Heat Mode. Heat Mode uses radiofrequency to plump skin from within and Red LED light to promote blood circulation, which boosts skin care absorption.

LIF on heat mode

The warm sensation also feels really comforting as you glide the device across your face – perfect for a relaxing 15-minute pamper session. Take note that products used should allow for smooth gliding of LIF on the skin.

5. Soothe troubled or red skin

With three light settings of different wavelengths, the Light Mode is suitable for those who have been dealing with troubled or red skin. This LED colour therapy consists of three light colours – red, blue and yellow.

LIF on three light settings gif

Red light helps to promote blood circulation, blue light soothes irritated skin and yellow light brightens and refines skin tone. When you are having a skin flare-up, use this mode for 15 minutes with a blemish serum like Spot Serum 8 and a soothing serum like Refining Serum 9 to soothe and calm your skin.

LIF settings infographic

6. Boost the results of sheet masks

use LIF with Vitalising eye mask

While you’re using a sheet mask, why not use LIF to boost results? Use the Light Mode (red, yellow or blue is fine!) while you have your sheet mask on. Each light provides a different function so pick one that best suits your needs.

After you’re done, remove your sheet mask and follow with B or L Mode to increase the absorption of your sheet mask actives.

7. Achieve brighter-looking eyes

use LIF with Eye cream

Use LIF around your eye area to give your eyes some TLC and achieve brighter-looking eyes. Apply an eye cream evenly around the eye area and use the B or L Mode while gently gliding around the eyes. Take note not to press too hard and not to shine the light directly into your eyes. With brighter-looking peepers, you’ll appear fresher and more energetic too!

Achieve brighter looking eyes gif

Which DR’s Secret products should I use with LIF?

If you are using DR’s Secret products and want to know how you should use them with LIF, here’s an infographic to help you out!

complementary DR's Secret products for LIF settings infographic

From brightening to lifting to increasing skin care absorption, LIF provides a whole range of benefits for our skin. For the best results, consult your Skin Buddy who can help to guide you on product usage and how you can use this beauty device to boost your skin progress.