56 beauty junkies tried DR’s Secret Cleanser 1 and here’s what they have to say.

Quit the process of trial and error in your search for your cleansing holy grail.

56 real reviewers put DR’s Secret Cleanser 1 to the test in a survey done by popular beauty and product review site – Fashion Guide.

DR’s Secret Cleanser 1

Here is a summary of what they loved after using Cleanser 1 for 1-4 weeks! Note: Most of them have never used DR’s Secret products before.

💧 No feelings of tightness
💧 No stinging sensation to the eyes
💧 Gentle enough for sensitive skin
💧 Cleanses very thoroughly
💧 Leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed
💧 Light citrusy fragrance
💧 Classy minimal packaging

With most reviewers giving the product an overall rating of 4 stars and above, Cleanser 1 was given an EXCELLENT award.

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“After washing, I can feel that my skin is softer and more hydrated. It doesn’t dry out my skin and my skin feels thoroughly cleansed! I have oily combination and sensitive skin but I didn’t experience any sensitivity after using and the product didn’t break me out.”

Cleanser 1 gel texture

“I used to be skeptical about the efficacy of gel cleansers as I felt that they were difficult to foam and didn’t clean well. I was initially worried that Cleanser 1 would be the same, but it proved to be a gamechanger for me with its deep cleansing properties.”

“I have dry skin and found it hard to find suitable facial washes. They either cleansed well but left my skin feeling tight or were gentle but didn’t clean well. Cleanser 1 didn’t leave my skin feeling tight, and it also brightened my skin tone and reduced the blackheads on my nose! I love it.”

“I feel that my skin tone brightened with every use, likely due to the Vitamin C ingredient present in the product. This is very useful for me who struggles with skin dullness.”

Foaming DR’s Secret Cleanser 1

“The rich and hydrating foam feels comforting to my skin, making the cleansing process a very relaxing one! I could feel that the product deeply cleanses as I massage the smooth and fine bubbles into my skin.”

“There’s a light botanical scent that feels very comforting!”

“I am not a fan of strong artificial fragrance so I really enjoyed the natural citrus scent from Cleanser 1.”

DR’s Secret Cleanser 1 foam

Fresh confident skin starts with a good cleansing routine. We are thrilled to know that Cleanser 1 has helped create a comforting cleansing experience for most of our users. Give it a try and you’ll feel the difference!

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Here’s a quick revision on how to use and foam up Cleanser 1: