Here’s how you can start your journey to foundation-free skin without breaking the bank

New to skin care? Unsure if DR’s Secret products are right for you?

Our Starter’s Kits below will help you kick start your journey to foundation-free skin without breaking the bank.

From skin sensitivity to acne, to dullness, pigmentation and anti-ageing, take your pick from our kits and observe how your skin changes. If you are pleased with the results, consider adding on the treatment range to boost and quicken your skin transformation to achieve naturally radiant foundation-free skin.

Soothing Secrets Recovery Kit

Soothing Secret Starter Kit

For those with dry, sensitive skin or who had gone for intense facial treatments such as laser, IPL, chemical peels in the last six months, we recommend starting with conditioning products such as Moisturizer 6 and Refining Serum 9 to help soothe, calm and restore skin.

Use for at least 2 to 4 weeks so that your skin is well-prepped and conditioned to start on more intensive regimes.

Drink Up Deep Hydration Kit

Drink Up Starter Kit

If your skin is an empty tank that’s constantly craving for more moisture, work on hydration with Toner T2 and sealing the moisture in with Moisturizer 6. Well-hydrated skin is often the key to preventing skin problems.

Fresh Start Oil Balance Kit

Fresh Start Starter Kit

This is great for those with oily skin types or enlarged pores. Enlarged pores are often a result of sebum over-production and what we want to achieve here is finding the balance between our oil and moisture levels. Refining Serum 9 helps to minimise the appearance of pores while Toner T2 ensures that your skin stays fresh and hydrated.

Pore-Perfect Clarifying Kit

Pore-Perfect Starter Kit

Does your skin surface feel oily by midday but tight on the inside? You may be having dehydrated oily skin. This means that your skin is actually dry on the inside but is compensating for the lack of moisture by producing more oil.

If you find your skin often congested with acne bumps or whiteheads frequently appearing, this kit might just be about right for you.

Clear Confidence Anti-Blemish Kit

Clear Confidence Starter Kit

Spot Serum 8 and Refining Serum 9 are our highly raved-about duo when it comes to treating acne and breakouts. If your skin is oily and your acne condition is more severe, apply all over the face to work on oil control. Refining Serum 9 is also helpful for soothing redness.

If you wish to only target certain areas, spot treat by applying Spot Serum 8 only on affected areas.

Hello Glow Radiance Kit

Hello Glow Starter Kit

Those with normal or non-sensitive skin can embark on our treatment series – Toner T2Skinlight T3 and Skinrecon T4. They help to encourage skin renewal so that fresh new cells are brought up to the skin surface and fed with nourishment to help your skin glow.

We recommend those with more sensitive skin to start with Soothing Secrets before switching to Hello Glow.

Age Rescue Anti-Ageing Kit

Age Rescue Starter Kit

Noticing the gradual appearance of dark spots, droopy skin and fine lines? Those are tell-tale signs of ageing. Use C15 Essence 7, our high-performance Vitamin C essence to prop up your skin by increasing collagen production. Give your skin the added support with skin-loving nutrients from Skinrecon T4.


  • Exfoliating regularly helps to rid the skin of the topmost layer of dead skin cells, ensuring that healthy young skin is always brought to the surface.
  • Use Miraglo to exfoliate at least 1-2 times a week for normal to oily skin and twice a month for dry sensitive skin.