Am I starting my skin journey wrong?

Have you heard of many skin transformation stories and seen for yourself the “transformed” faces of DR’s Secret users? If you have, chances are that you’ll be expecting to see the same kind of results on your skin. 

Well, the good news is – it can be done! Our targeted customised solutions vouch for that. But instead of expecting your skin to turn from zero to hero in days, a spoonful of patience would help.

Before you begin your journey at DR’s Secret, bear in mind that everyone has walked through theirs too. Some would usually take a few months to see visible difference or even a year or two depending on how their skin conditions are. But determination and learning to flow with your skin’s natural renewal processes will help you reap healthy glowing skin that lasts.  

Skin care doesn’t just take the right ingredients but also the right mindsets 

DR's Secret prep and condition your mind

Prep and condition your mind

It is just like moving on from a bad breakup. When you walk away from a failed relationship, there are emotional messes you need to clean up and clear from the past before starting over with a fresh, healthy heart.

Skin care is not any different. For your skin to renew itself, it has to erase and purge the bad remnants from past obsessive makeup habits, negative exposures to UV and pollution, damaging skin procedures, even emotional disappointments and so on.  

It takes time to heal a broken heart (and broken skin!), but you will have guidance from skin consultants who have been there, done that; and who are more than willing to share their do’s and don’t’s with you. We love how over here, there’s a community of friends that can handhold you as you navigate your personal skin journey.  

Take it easy, start with the right expectations and give time for your skin care goals. Skin care is meant to be enjoyable, not stressful.

DR's Secret prep and condition your skin

Prep and condition your skin

Now that you’ve got your mind ready and a team around you, the next step is to prep and condition your skin.

Avoid trying to speed up the process by starting off with an intensive regime. Instead of giving you faster results, this may cause your skin condition to worsen.

At this point when your skin has been weakened and is trying to reboot and start afresh, it needs to be conditioned with loads of barrier-loving ingredients. With a stronger skin barrier, it’ll be much easier for your skin to receive and accept stronger and more intensive ingredients.

Conditioning regime

We strongly, highly recommend (that’s how important it is!) starting with our Conditioning regime consisting of Cleanser 1, Moisturizer 6, Refining Serum 9 and Sunscreen 5.

DR's Secret Skin Care Day Routine

Day: Cleanser 1, Moisturizer 6, Refining Serum 9, Sunscreen 5 DR's Secret Skin Care Night Routine

Night: Cleanser 1, Moisturizer 6, Refining Serum 9

Looks simple, but they are really crucial building blocks to help rebuild your skin barrier. With a stronger skin barrier, your skin will be less sensitive and more receptive to powerhouse ingredients.

If you are someone who has a long history with makeup and intensive skin procedures such as cortisones, peels and spot treatments, this initial step is not to be missed.

Depending on your skin condition, we recommend following through with this regime for 2 to 4 weeks. 2 weeks for those with milder skin concerns and 4 weeks for those with dry, more sensitive skin.

Find out if you have sensitive skin here.

After 2 to 4 weeks, your skin should be feeling soothed and more hydrated. Follow up with your skin consultant and find out what you should be using next. Slowly introduce new products into your regime as advised.

At any point in time when your skin feels more sensitive or uncomfortable, return to the Conditioning regime for a few days until your skin feels more stable.

We hope these tips will help you get on a smooth start to glowing great skin. 

With a positive mind and a spoonful of patience, skin care can be made more effective and definitely more enjoyable!

Let us know how your skin journey has been!