Our must-have products for a perfect cleansing routine

What most people tend to underestimate in their skin care routine is the very first and most crucial step – CLEANSING.

A good cleansing routine helps to prep your skin so it can absorb the glorious actives from your skin care products later on. 

Without proper cleansing, clogged pores and breakouts will return to haunt no matter how promising your serums may be.

In other words, washing your face thoroughly equates to half the battle won!

Remember these 3 steps and arm yourself with our cleansing trio to achieve skin victory. 

Step 1: Remove

Cleansing routine remove your makeup

The first step of any night routine starts with removing your makeup. Do not avoid this step even if you usually don light makeup or only use a sunscreen. Sunscreen needs to be properly removed from your skin to avoid clogging pores.

Cleansing Cream A1

Strong makeup removers can be drying to the skin. For dry and sensitive skin, DR’s Secret Cleansing Cream A1 is your perfect go-to with its ultra-nourishing formula.

Cleansing Cream A1 gently removes makeup and impurities while protecting the skin’s natural oil and hydrating the skin at the same time.

Noteworthy properties:

  • Calming   
  • Hydrating  
  • Antioxidant-rich for added skin protection

DR's Secret Cleansing Cream

Texture of A1: smooth milky texture that feels light and silky on the skin.

As you massage A1 into your skin, you may notice the cream texture becoming more watery as it helps to melt makeup away. 


  • Dispense a generous amount for the whole face.  
  • Massage over the whole face in light gentle circular strokes.   
  • Use a tissue or cotton pad to remove lightly or rinse with water if you are only removing sunscreen.

Step 2: Cleanse

Washing your face with a cleanser helps to remove any remaining residue in your skin, freshening up your pores to absorb the next product in your routine.

Cleanser 1

DR's Secret Cleanser 1

A gentle and calming cleansing gel, DR’s Secret Cleanser 1 leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh without the uncomfortable tightness that you often get from harsh cleansers. It is hydrating and soothing, and skin feels smooth to the touch after cleansing. This is also what makes Cleanser 1 one of our bestselling products.

Noteworthy properties:

  • Gently cleanses  
  • Soothing  
  • Hydrating

DR's Secret Cleanser 1 texture

Texture: Clear gel texture. Foamy when lathered.


  • Rinse face with water  
  • Dispense 2cm amount onto moist palms 
  • Lather with water repeatedly until there is sufficient foam 
  • Massage in gentle circular motion


  • Washing your hands with soap first makes it easier to create more foam.  
  • Using your finger tips instead of your palms to massage helps to give a more thorough cleanse.

Step 3: Exfoliate

On days when your skin feels dull or clogged, it’s time for a little exfoliating magic.


Miraglo Face

Looks like an unimpressive cloth, but the results are astounding. Made from microfibre technology, Miraglo has proved itself highly precise in removing dead skin cells and impurities.

The microfibres trap the impurities and gently lift them away from your skin surface without inflicting any damage. You can literally feel the difference in your complexion after every use.

Unlike scrubbing beads and acid peels which can be ineffective and damaging to our epidermis, you’ll be happy to know that Miraglo is non-abrasive and safe to use for ALL skin types.

All it takes are gentle rubbing strokes to uncover fresh glowing skin. Simple, but so satisfying.

Noteworthy properties:

  • Precise  
  • Non-abrasive  
  • Ultra-fine microfibre technology

Miraglo Face Texture

Texture: Smooth and light.


  • Rinse before use  
  • Spread cleanser foam over the entire face  
  • Massage gently with Miraglo Face in slow circular or upward-lifting strokes 
  • Rinse face thoroughly


  • Fold into a smaller piece to help you reach the under eye, nose and lips.

Miraglo and DR's Secret

  • Use Miraglo together with Cleanser 1 after Cleansing Cream A1.

With the right tools, face cleansing can be quick, effective and oh so fulfilling!