Think sunscreen is just for UV protection? This one transforms your skin tone too.

When it comes to summer, the sweltering heat and humidity seem to have a multiplying effect on our list of skin concerns:

  • Melting makeup 
  • Sweaty brows 
  • Dehydration 
  • Congested skin  
  • Oily breakouts

Since this is the time for us to be running free in our tank tops, shorts and sandals, your skin deserves a little breather too!

Yes, we are talking about going foundation-free. When we perspire, sweat clouds our makeup, increasing the chances of clogged pores. Ditching your foundation and powders can help your skin stay fresh and clear.

While foundation is optional, sun protection is not!

Summer is also the time to be extra diligent about applying your SPF. Think all day, every day.

DR's Secret Sunscreen UV protection

Armed with the right products like DR’s Secret Sunscreen 5, achieving a natural glow with breathable skin is effortlessly easy. Just one product is all you need. Besides, forgoing the elaborate makeup ritual means you actually get to sneak in more snoozes in the morning. 

DR's Secret Sunscreen brighter skin tone

Other than SPF, one of the most sought-after attribute in any sunscreen is its ability to leave no white cast. On top of its sun protection benefits, Sunscreen 5 when blended well leaves a dewy sheen on the skin, bringing out its natural glow. The effect is a subtle brightened skin tone and a healthier-looking complexion. 

Below we put DR’s Secret Sunscreen 5 to the test against different skin tones

Healthy, darker skin

Healthy dark skin with sunscreen

Warm skin tones

Warm skin tone with sunscreen

Cool skin tones

Cool skin tone with sunscreen

Suitable for guys too! 

Guy skin with sunscreen

At a gentle SPF of 30, Sunscreen 5 does its job at protecting your skin from free radical damage without irritating or clogging up your skin.


High SPF sunscreens usually require a higher concentration of sun-filtering chemicals than low-SPF sunscreens, which may trigger skin sensitivity. Besides, high SPFs tend to give consumers a false sense of security, such that they tend to stay longer in the sun. This ends up inflicting more UV damage.

Apply and reapply sunscreen

The key to effective sun protection is to always apply and reapply regardless of the SPF ratings of your sunscreen. A general rule of thumb is to apply once every 2-3 hours especially if you are constantly under the sun.

Apply 2-3 layers each time for sufficient protection.

Sunscreen 5’s compact tube packaging makes it convenient and hassle-free to carry around so you have easy access to sun protection at all times.

Oily combi skin Sunscreen Matte 5M

Tip 1

For oily and combination skin who prefer a matte fresh finish, use DR’s Secret Sunscreen Matte 5M instead.

Colour correcting Sunscreen Total Base

Tip 2 

For those who prefer colour-correcting effects, try DR’s Secret Total Base A5 which acts as a BB cream to shield skin from the sun while correcting skin tone and concealing blemishes.

DR's Secret Sunscreen 5

Make SPF your BFF!