We tried the 7-skin method with Toner T2 and were surprised by the results

Who doesn’t love glowing skin that looks plump with hydration?

The 7-skin method is a buzzing skin care trend among Korean beauty bloggers, and it refers to layering on at least 3 – 7 layers of toner or essence to achieve naturally radiant, “chok chok” skin.

The idea is to give your skin a lavish drink, boosting its hydration level by applying thin layers each time so that your skin gets to absorb every single layer before it evaporates into the air.

Toner T2

This method only works with non-alcohol, hydrating toners and we had to give it a go with the DR’s Secret Toner T2.

We tried it out for ourselves and we have been loving the results!

7 layers of toner before and after

While we were expecting our skin to feel more hydrated, we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves sporting a brighter glow too! Our skin looked visibly radiant, with an obvious dewiness.

If you’d like to give this a try, you can start with 3 layers and work your way up according to your skin type and what your skin needs.

Explaining Toner T2

As a non-alcohol balancing lotion, Toner T2 hydrates and soothes your skin, preparing it for the next step in your routine.


Texture of Toner T2

Unlike most toners that have a thin watery consistency, Toner T2 has a slightly thicker viscosity. Yet, it is lightweight enough to feel comfortable for all skin types, perfect to be layered under a moisturiser.

While Toner T2 appears as a clear liquid, don’t be deceived by its looks! Within the formula lies a wealth of skin-loving botanical extracts such as aloe vera, cucumber, chamomile, horse chestnut seed and licorice root to hydrate and gently soothe your skin.

Apart from the 7-skin method, here are more ways that you can use Toner T2 in your daily routine.

1. As a balancing lotion after cleansing

Hydrating Toner T2

Our skin’s natural pH level is slightly acidic, typically between 5 and 6. This pH level gets offset and becomes more alkaline after cleansing. This is where using a toner will help to restore the pH level of our skin quickly, so it becomes more receptive in absorbing our subsequent skin care products.

Pour a coin-sized amount of about 2cm on your palms and spread lightly onto your face in light gentle strokes using your fingertips.

 2. As a hydrating essence

Applying hydrating Toner T2

The best time to start applying a hydrating product is within the first minute after cleansing, when your face still feels moist. Toner T2 acts as a humectant that helps to bind the moisture into your skin and seals in the hydration, preventing your skin from drying out after cleansing.

Tip: An economical way to apply Toner T2 is to simply use your fingers instead of a cotton pad.

3. Emergency masking

On days when you feel that your skin is dehydrated – dry and tight especially on the inside, give it a hydration boost through emergency masking with Toner T2.

Masking using toner step 1

Step 1: Soak a few cotton pads with Toner T2

Masking using toner step 2

Step 2: Apply on areas that feel dry and flaky, especially at the cheeks.

Masking using toner step 3

Step 3: Remove before the cotton pad completely dries out

Masking using toner step 4

Step 4: Lock moisture in with Moisturizer 6

Alternatively, you could also layer your skin with Toner T2 before applying a hydration mask such as the Aestier Hydro Mask. The mask layer will help to increase the penetration rate of the hydrating ingredients and push them deeper into your skin.

As we approach the end of summer, with temperature and humidity levels starting to dip, this is the time where DR’s Secret Toner T2 becomes an essential on our vanity table for an incredible hydration fix.

Do you have more tips and tricks on how you use Toner T2 in your skin care routine? Let us know!