3 convenient ways to use one moisturiser for all skin types

Why spend more than necessary on scores of products for summer, autumn, winter when you can simply use a single range to create what your skin needs?

We made our skin care range versatile and easy to mix and match so that at any point of the year, your skin doesn’t have to re-learn and adapt to new products and run the risk of having unwanted reactions.

Today, we share with you tips on how you can use our skin care staple – Moisturizer 6 in three different ways to moisturise dry, combination and even oily skin.

Moisturizer 6

This works throughout the year in varying seasons as well, simply adapt accordingly to how your skin feels!

1. For dehydrated, dry and flaky skin:

Moisturizer and toner

Apply Toner T2, more layers if preferred before sealing the moisture with a layer of Moisturizer 6.

Recommended: Apply 1-2 layers of Toner T2, followed by 3-4 pumps of Moisturizer 6.

Applying moisturizer with toner

Moisturizer 6 acts as a comforting blanket of moisture to soothe skin sensitivity and helps restore damaged skin barrier.

Those in very cold and harsh climates of negative degree Celsius can try applying layers of Toner T2, followed by Moisturizer 6 and end off with another layer of Toner T2 to quench thirsty skin.

2. For dry, combination skin, or during season transition:

Moisturizer and emulsion

Is the transition phase leaving your skin feeling confused? One moment it feels dry and the next moment it’s producing oil. A light lotion doesn’t seem to be enough to hydrate your skin, and it seems too early to swap into a thicker cream.

Moisturizer Textures

Mix Moisturizer 6 with Emulsion A6.

Recommended: Mix 2 pumps of Moisturizer 6 with 2 pumps of Emulsion A6 and apply.

This creates a perfect in-between – a slightly thicker solution with a lighter milk-like consistency to pack your skin with moisture without being too heavy.

3. For oilier skin types, or when skin feels congested:

Refining serum with moisturizer

Mix Moisturizer 6 with Refining Serum 9.

Recommended: Mix 2 pumps of Moisturizer 6 with 2-3 pumps of Refining Serum 9 and apply.

Applying refining serum with moisturizer

Make no mistake, your skin needs to be hydrated and moisturised even if it’s on the oily side.

Mixing Refining Serum 9 with Moisturizer 6 creates a lightweight gel-cream consistency that feels refreshingly comfortable for everyday wear.

For those who have dehydrated but more acne-prone skin, you can give this method a go until the oil and moisture level of your skin is more balanced. Thereafter, you can consider switching to use Moisturizer 6 on its own.

Let us know if these tricks work for you!