A deliciously satisfying texture guide to your favourite DR’s Secret products

There’s nothing more therapeutic than dipping your hands into a tub of playdough as a child or working with gooey slime that slips and slides with every press of your fingers.

Fast forward today, though our playthings have changed, we are still enjoying the sensorial experience of smearing our hands with foamy cleansers and spreading smooth velvety creams and lotions over our skin.

We are sensorial creatures, which is why skin care is more than just functionality, it is an experience where we engage our senses to feel like we’re giving our skin a well-deserved treat.

We understand this, which is why we are obsessed with nailing our product textures on top of its functions so you get to enjoy a holistically luxe skin care experience.

Below we give you a rundown of DR’s Secret product textures. Be warned, you may feel a sudden urge to get your hands on some products after this!

Cleanser 1

“Oh it’s pink!”

Cleanser texture

Many are usually surprised to find that Cleanser 1 comes in a gel texture with a pretty shade of pink. The fun comes in when you transform the bouncy gel into a lightweight fluffy foam when lathered with water.

Massage the foam into your skin and you’ll find the small fine bubbles act as an effective net to trap and remove dirt and impurities from your pores.

Toner T2

“Water? Hmm not exactly…”

Toner texture

Toner T2 is clear and transparent with a slightly thicker viscosity that feels more luxe than your usual toning water. Made from skin-loving botanical extracts, we love how this toner sends a burst of hydration to your skin.

Skinlight T3

“Drops of gold…”

Skinlight texture

This total radiance concentrate may feel unassumingly lightweight but never underestimate its power to bring your dull skin back to life. Skinlight T3 is a botanical serum that reaches deep into your skin to encourage skin renewal for brightening effects. Comes with a unique fragrance that resembles that of fresh herbs and lush woods.

Skinrecon T4

“The ultimate skin food”

Skinrecon texture

With a consistency of a lotion but the concentration of a serum, Skinrecon T4 indulges your skin with nourishment. Once applied, it melts away into a hydrating finish without leaving your skin looking greasy. Together with T3, they form a dynamic duo that gives you the healthy radiant glow.

Sunscreen 5 / 5M

“It’s glow time!”

Sunscreen texture

No foundation, no highlights, just a good ol’ sunscreen to create the natural glow effect. Smooth with a light cream texture, Sunscreen 5 ticks off the boxes for sunscreens that leave no white cast, are great for sensitive skin and tones your skin with a dewy non-greasy shine.

Those with oilier skin can opt for the 5M, a matte version with a more refreshing finish.

Moisturizer 6

“Like a delicious creamy cloud”

Moisturizer texture

On the clouds is how we feel when we run our fingers through this deliciously creamy moisturiser that soothes parched dry skin. Moisturizer 6 has a thicker consistency and works best for those with sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin.

C15 Essence 7

“This gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling!”

C15 essence 7 texture

C15 Essence 7 is a Vitamin C serum with a slick and slightly thick consistency so a little goes a long way! It spreads over your skin well with a comforting warm sensation, assuring you that your skin is well-covered with antioxidant protection.

Spot Serum 8

“Clear but potent”

Spot serum texture

Unlike pimple creams that may feel drying to the skin or leave a sulphurous yellow mark after applying, Spot Serum 8 is a clear lightweight botanical solution that targets your acne problems. It has a watery texture with a light hint of tea tree fragrance.

Refining Serum 9

“A burst of cool”

Refining serum texture

There’s mega love for this best-selling and “best-smelling” favourite, and for good reasons!

Refining Serum 9 feels smooth and light with a gel-like jelly texture, but as soon as it hits your skin, it melts away into a cooling and refreshing essence that gets absorbed tremendously quick.

The best part? It can be used to firm up the skin, reduce the appearance of pores, soothe and calm redness and hydrate the skin too. With an amazingly refreshing scent of citrus and botanicals, what’s there not to love about this product?