Are DR’s Secret products and ingredients safe?

Other than expecting our skin care products to give good results, we want to know that the creams and serums we apply on our face daily are safe.

We are thrilled to know that more of you are looking to include DR’s Secret products in your skin care routine and we are here to help.

Below we consolidate frequently asked questions about product and ingredient safety to clarify any doubts and help you get to know more about our products.

1. How does DR’s Secret guarantee product and ingredient safety?  

DR's Secret product and ingredient safety


Our formulas comply to regional and international regulations such as the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive and European Commission. We consistently monitor our formulas to ensure that they do not contain prohibited ingredients and meet stringent quality requirements across every batch produced.

Ingredient Selection

Our ingredients are screened against regional and international cosmetic regulations and guidelines. We also refer to additional sources, which are reliable and recognised by the industry to determine the safety of each ingredient.

They include the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive, European Commission, Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) (in US), Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) (in EU) and published scientific journals. 


Our cosmetics are manufactured in accordance to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. We only select manufacturers with GMP certification and satisfactory quality procedures.   

Our products are tested

Quality Assurance

We adopt active surveillance and take the added step to send our products to third-party accredited laboratories (such as SGS) for product testing to safeguard and reassure our customers of our quality promise. 

Product Registration

As we expand into more regions, we ensure our cosmetic products are notified or registered with the authorities and comply to local regulations before placing them into the markets. Below is a list of our distributing markets:

  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • United Arab Emirates

2. I see some people experiencing tremendously quick results. Do DR’s Secret products contain hormones and steroids? 

No, we do not use ingredients containing hormones or steroids in our products.

Our products are tested annually by SGS Taiwan Ltd. for hormones, steroids and a panel of 300 odd western drugs to ensure that no contaminants are present in our product formulas.

DR's Secret is safe

SGS Taiwan Ltd. is our primary choice for product testing as their scope of tests are comprehensive with reports easily accessible to consumers on their website. The test reports of our products can be obtained by doing a search on the SGS website here.

DR’s Secret products are focused on encouraging the skin’s natural renewal process instead of providing a quick surface fix. That is why visible changes may be observed after a period of use. This period is dependent on the individual’s current skin health and degree of skin damage, and thus varies.

To learn more about our product results and usage, read Product usage and results – we answer 6 burning questions every DR’s Secret beginner will ask.

3. Are DR’s Secret products all-natural? 

C15 Essence 7

No, DR’s Secret ingredients are carefully selected from the best of nature and scientific innovation to provide safe and effective skin solutions that produce results.

It is important to stress that natural doesn’t necessarily mean better. The source of an ingredient does not determine its safety profile. Factors such as quality and purity of ingredients, the dosage used, formula compatibility, the final product form need to be assessed as well. 

While we select from high quality natural ingredients, synthetically-derived actives may be used when they could do better in delivering safety and performance.

4. Do DR’s Secret products contain preservatives? 


The use of preservatives is dependent on the product formula and form. Any cosmetic products containing water would require a preservation system against bacteria contamination. This helps to guarantee product safety for human use and a reasonable shelf-life. Product formulas that do not contain water may not require preservatives.

The preservatives used in our formulas are safe and permissible for cosmetic use according to key regulations like the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive and European Commission. It is noteworthy that skin care products usually only require a small amount of preservatives to achieve sufficient protection.  

5. Do DR’s Secret products contain fragrance? 

Skinlight t3 and skinrecon t4

Apart from being functional, we care about the skin care experience. Some of our products do contain fragrance or natural essential oils to enhance the user experience and make skin care more enjoyable. Always check the product label before use if you are allergic to certain ingredients.

6. Are DR’s Secret product safe to be used long term? Will my skin become thinner with long-term use?

Cleanser 1

Yes, DR’s Secret products are safe to be used long term. Many of our users have been with us since the founding days of our brand and are still using DR’s Secret products today.

Our products do not cause the skin to become thinner. As we age, our skin renewal rate slows down. DR’s Secret products help to remove dead skin cells, oil and dirt that have accumulated on the skin surface, increasing skin renewal rate and uncovering natural skin glow.

Our customised routines also focus on delivering nourishment to the skin and strengthening your skin barrier. When used correctly, the routines help to keep the skin’s normal exfoliating process active without thinning the skin.