Product usage and results – we answer 6 burning questions every DR’s Secret beginner will ask

Investing in a full skin care range might seem like a big step, especially for skin care beginners. When it comes to our face, it is important, and necessary to be mindful and conscious about our purchases – to make sure we pick “the right one”.

Below are top frequently asked questions about DR’s Secret and our answers to address your doubts and help you make the right skin care choices.

1. Are DR’s Secret products suitable for sensitive skin?

Cleanser, Sunscreen, Moisturizer for sensitive skin

DR’s Secret products are formulated to be suitable for most skin types. A skin buddy is recommended to help assess your skin and customise a skin routine that best suits your current skin condition. The customisation includes the amount to use for each product and the sequence in which they should be applied.

Thus, you might find that a skin routine to help you with sensitivity may differ from a skin routine that is meant to help your friend struggling with acne.

Vitamin C booster

If you are concerned about sensitivity, make sure to do a sensitivity test first by applying the product at the back of your ear or the inside of your arm to detect any signs of reaction or allergy. This can help reduce the chance of irritation. If you are allergic to certain ingredients, always check the product label.

If you experience any skin reactions while using the products, stop using any treatment products immediately and return to our Soothing Secrets Kit to condition skin and strengthen the skin barrier.

2. Does every DR’s Secret user need to be attached to a skin buddy? Why do I need a skin buddy? 

Emulsion A6Yes, we highly recommend all users, especially new beginners to be attached to a skin buddy. The skin buddy is an independent sales representative and an experienced user of DR’s Secret who has used the products to achieve healthy glowing skin.

With good experience and product knowledge, the skin buddy is able to help you customise your skin care routines and guide you on product application to achieve the best results for your skin.

If you should feel lost or have any questions at any point in time, feel free to share with your skin buddy and work closely together to achieve your desired results.

You can also join our skin squad community by following our Facebook, Instagram and social media platforms to discover more product tips, guides and reviews by other real users!

Skin care can be overwhelming when done alone, which is why we believe in having friends to help you along the way.

3. Will my skin worsen or experience rebound effects should I stop using DR’s Secret?

Total base sunscreen

Just like how our body weakens when we stop feeding it with sufficient nutrients, the condition of our skin will naturally decline without proper care and maintenance, or if skin care is stopped.

As our skin is constantly changing and adapting to our environment and age, we encourage you to follow a regular skin care routine with DR’s Secret products to maintain the skin at its optimal condition.

4. Can I use DR’s Secret products with other skin care brands and products?

Anti-ageing routine

Our skilled formulators pay meticulous attention to ensure the synergy between active ingredients so that they work in seamless harmony with your skin’s natural processes. This means that products are formulated to work well with each other for complementary effects and boosted results.

For best results, we do not recommend mixing with other skin care brands and products, especially for beginners. You may also consider starting your routine with our starter kits.

Your skin buddy will also be able to quickly recognise the issue should any reaction occur and provide a quick solution. This process might be slowed down should other products be mixed into your routine as it might be difficult to determine the cause.

Give the full range a try for a couple of months for the full experience!

5. How long does it take to see visible results?

Skin care products for visible resultsIn general, you should see noticeable improvements approximately 1 month after consistent application. Our skin cells require at least 28 days to go through a full renewal cycle (this period may extend with age) and we encourage consistent use for 3 to 6 months to see significant results.

Individual results may vary depending on your current skin condition. Those with more severe skin problems would need more time and those with a good skin foundation might notice results in a matter of weeks.

The key is to be patient, understanding that DR’s Secret does not simply provide a quick temporal fix, but rather works to eradicate long-term skin problems and transform your skin from the inside out.

In the long run, you should be able to witness skin that is healthier and rejuvenated.

6. Do I need to wait for each product layer to be absorbed before I apply the next product?

DR's Secret Eye Cream

The good news – you don’t have to! DR’s Secret products are formulated to be complementary to each other and there is no problem with layering them on one after another. You can even mix some of these products together as guided by your skin buddy.

Simply layer on each product immediately without waiting for the previous layer to dry. This makes skin care convenient and quick!

The only exceptions are Sunscreen 5 and 5M as you will be able to apply them with greater ease when skin is less wet. After you have completed your daytime routine, allow your skin to absorb for a few minutes before applying sunscreen.

Skin care is a journey and it’s normal to encounter questions along the way. Never be shy to talk to your skin buddy or chat with us if you need further help!