The one multi-tasking product you need at home and in your travel trips

When it comes to travelling and backpacking trips, the goal is to always travel light. Ease your travel burdens and worries with this multi-purpose essential product that’s perfect for the whole family.

Skin-clarifying oil

Made with 10 essential oils, PentaLab Balancing Oil is a soothing relief that can help with in minor emergency situations:

  • Soothe and relieve minor abrasions
  • Clarify congested skin
  • Calm and restore freshness of mind

Perfect for the great outdoors

Balancing oil for great outdoors

Going for a trip or a hike into the woods with kids in tow?

✓ Mosquito / insect bites  
✓ Minor scratches, abrasions or bruises

Keep your mind at ease by always being on the ready with a bottle of Balancing Oil.


Bruised toe balancing oil review

While moving home, a heavy piece of furniture dropped on my foot resulting in a really bad bruise and swelling around my toe. I applied Balancing Oil liberally every day on the bruised area and just after two days, I could see great improvement with the swelling greatly reduced. After using it for 8 days, my toe recovered completely. I find Balancing Oil easily absorbed by the skin and I really love its effectiveness in providing soothing relief!”

*Review by real user. Individual results may vary.

When your skin feels troubled

Oil for troubled skin

Add Balancing Oil into your skin care routine on days when you have skin redness or when your pores feel congested.

✓ Clogged pores and troubled skin  
✓ Skin redness 


Balancing oil review for acne skin

I have combination and acne-prone skin. To target my skin problems, I pair Balancing Oil with Spot Serum 8 for a boosted effect in decongesting my clogged pores. After applying liberally at night before bed, I would wake up with smoother clearer skin. Balancing Oil is also effective in soothing skin redness and swelling with no side effects after use. I personally feel that Balancing Oil is a great product for helping to soothe and alleviate common skin troubles. Oh, and its fragrance is an added bonus too!”

*Review by real user. Individual results may vary.

Restore peace and freshness of mind

Oil for peace and freshness

Get a moment of peace with the soothing and refreshing scent of Eucalyptus, Lavender and botanicals.

✓ Feeling intense in stressful situations
✓ Feelings of headaches or nauseousness
✓ While resting at home

Apply onto your temples for an instant mood lift. 

Learn 4 ways to use Balancing Oil under 1 minute!**

**As each individual’s skin condition is different, we encourage you to consult your Skin Buddy for more customised advice.

Made with 10 Essential Oils ***

Rosemary, Thyme, Wild Mint

  • Possess very strong antibacterial properties
  • Help to soothe and provide relief for locally affected areas

Rose Geranium, Rock Rose, Eucalyptus, Lemon

  • Help to decongest clogged skin
  • Soothe skin redness

Lavender, Lavandin, Cypress

  • Provide a light and calming fragrance
  • Help to restore peace and freshness of mind

Vitamins C and E are also added into the formula to provide additional antioxidant benefits for extra skin protection.

***If you are concerned about sensitivity, make sure to do a sensitivity test first by applying the product at the back of your ear or the inside of your arm to detect any signs of reaction or allergy. This can help reduce the chance of irritation.