Pair DR’s Secret moisturisers with these products for surprisingly good results on different skin types

Regardless of your skin type, moisturising your skin is as non-negotiable as applying your sunscreen.

Your moisturiser is one of the best tools in your skin care routine against skin sensitivity, redness, dehydration and even acne.

Here we show you how to use the DR’s Secret Moisturise range for your skin needs and pair with other DR’s Secret products to achieve different benefits.

But first, let’s get to know our stars for the day:

Moisturizer 6Emulsion A6
A cream-based moisturiser that provides intensive hydration and is useful for soothing and calming the skin.

Texture: Deliciously creamy and thick

Scent: Floral

Works best for: Sensitive and dry skin
A lightweight lotion that provides sufficient moisture while keeping skin fresh and burden-free.

Texture: Milky smooth

Scent: Hint of citrus

Works best for: Oily and combination skin

While we love using them individually on their own, our real users have shared with us a few popular combinations by mixing Moisturizer 6 and Emulsion A6 with their favourite DR’s Secret products. Keep scrolling to discover the combination that suits your needs.

Note: As each individual’s skin condition is different, we encourage you to consult your Skin Buddy for more customised advice.

Moisturizer 6 + Emulsion A6

Moisturizer 6 + Emulsion A6 texture

Mix them together and you will get a perfect harmony of a lighter moisturiser that still packs a punch when it comes to long-lasting hydration.

We recommend this method for normal skin types or during season transitions. Fluctuating weather changes during season transitions may cause our skin to react in confusion. It doesn’t feel comfortable to continue with the thicker creams, yet it doesn’t seem like the right time to switch entirely to lighter gels or lotions.

One solution is to adjust the thickness of your moisturiser as required and mixing the two will help you achieve a good in-between. 

Those with dry to normal skin may also find this combination helpful during the daytime. The slightly lighter consistency helps to keep your skin feeling fresh without compromising on moisture.

Moisturizer 6 / Emulsion A6 + Refining Serum 9

Mix our highly-raved Refining Serum 9 with either Moisturizer 6 or Emulsion A6 to create a lightweight gel-cream consistency. Those with combination or oilier skin will find this refreshingly comfortable for everyday wear!

Moisturizer 6 / Emulsion A6 + Refining Serum 9 texture

Refining Serum 9 helps to boost our skin’s hydration while the moisturisers help to seal and lock the moisture in.

Have dehydrated oily skin or dealing with a season of acne? Try using Emulsion A6 + Refining Serum 9 to soothe and calm troubled skin while moisturising your skin lightly to help repair the skin barrier.

Moisturizer 6 / Emulsion A6 + Balancing Oil

Pentalab Balancing Oil

If you are someone struggling with skin redness or sensitivity, this pairing may be the one you need. Simply add a few drops of Balancing Oil to either of the two and mix.

Balancing Oil contains 10 essential oils such as Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lavender and more that are helpful for soothing skin redness.

Drops of Balancing Oil with Moisturizer 6 / Emulsion A6

We like how the resulting fragrance is light and calming, which further adds to a relaxing skin care experience.

Emulsion A6 + Skinrecon T4

Users with dehydrated oily skin have found this pair to be effective for providing sufficient moisture and encouraging skin barrier repair.

Dehydrated skin is often a result of having a damaged skin barrier. With a damaged skin barrier, water escapes easily from the skin surface and our skin is exposed to external aggressors. Skinrecon T4 consist of nourishing botanical ingredients that can help to strengthen, condition and moisturise the skin.

Emulsion A6 + Skinrecon T4 texture

Mix Emulsion A6 and Skinrecon T4 to help maintain sufficient moisture throughout the day while rebuilding your skin foundation.

Let us know if you have a favourite among these combinations and how they have worked for you!