Tried and tested: the best product for your dry and chapped lips

If you struggle with constantly dry and flaky lips, you’ll know how annoying it can get throughout the day! You’ve probably tried many lip products in a desperate attempt to get your smooth and soft pout back. And we get it, it’s hard.

Finding a product that can hydrate and nourish your sensitive lips without causing irritation involves much trial and error, which is why we’re here to help.

Flaky Lips

Read on to find out what causes dry lips and how this gentle and ultra-nourishing lip product can help!

What causes dry lips?

Skin layer vs Lip layer

Do you know? Our skin’s stratum corneum layer (the outermost layer of the epidermis) acts as a barrier to prevent excessive water loss from our skin. The stratum corneum layer of our lips only has 3 to 5 cell layers – much thinner than our facial skin, which has more than 15 cell layers.

There are also no hair follicles nor sweat glands on our lips, which means that sweat and body oil cannot be produced. This makes our lips more prone to dryness.

If you’re staying in a region with excessive sun exposure or cold winds, you’ll find that your lips tend to be drier and more easily chapped. Smoking, regular alcohol intake and not drinking enough water may dehydrate lips faster too.

Avoid licking your lips!

The urge to lick our dry lips is strong, but doing this actually makes things worse! Our saliva contains substances that are used to break down food. These may wear down the skin on our lips. Furthermore, saliva evaporates quickly, causing more dryness.

When our lips are dry and cracking, the fastest and most effective way is to apply a good lip product that can help to infuse generous moisture to keep them hydrated and protected.

Conditioning Lip Butter

Conditioning Lip Butter

The Conditioning Lip Butter does the job really well by moisturising, protecting and conditioning our lips. Formulated with 10 selected natural ingredients, it helps to deeply hydrate and glides effortlessly on. Yes, smooth like butter.

Lip Butter Usage GIF
Lip Butter Texture

Here’s a quick rundown of the 10 ingredients and their benefits:

Macadamia Seed and Coconut Oils
  • Macadamia Seed and Coconut Oils: Replenish moisture and prevent trans-epidermal water loss.
Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Tsubaki Oil
  • Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Tsubaki Oil: Soothe and condition lips while strengthening the skin barrier at the same time.
Beeswax and Candelila Wax
  • Beeswax and Candelila Wax: Soften and improve skin elasticity while fending off external aggressors.
Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Argan Kernel and Linseed Seed Ferment Oils
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Argan Kernel and Linseed Seed Ferment Oils: Antioxidant-rich ingredients to increase our defences against free radical damage.

Now, here’s where the Conditioning Lip Butter excels.

Some lip products do contain allergens that may cause irritation (itchy lips, anyone?). The Conditioning Lip Butter does not contain any artificial fragrance, flavouring, colourant and preservatives so your lips get to enjoy the full nourishment without worry!

It comes in two refreshing flavours — Fresh Peppermint, for days when you need a perk-me-up and Sweet Tangerine, which adds a hint of pleasant sweetness to your day!

Conditioning Lip Butter in Fresh Peppermint or Sweet Tangerine

3 different ways to use Conditioning Lip Butter

Here’s how you can use this product to make your lips “shine” with moisture.

1. Lip balm

Lip Balm

Apply and replenish throughout the day for moisturised lips. Pack it in your bag and bring it with you to remind yourself to apply!

2. Lip base

Lip Base

Apply a layer before putting on your lipstick/gloss/tint. This step will help to condition and prep your lips for smoother application and prevent lips from drying out when using matte products that may be more drying.

3. Lip conditioner

Lip Conditioner

Apply a thick layer before bed to keep your lips soothed and hydrated overnight. Wake up to soft and hydrated lips!

*Dispense 1-2mm of product each time and apply liberally on lips.

Dispense 1-2mm each time


Carina Conditioning Lip Butter Review

“In the past, I did not realise the importance of caring for my lips. Ever since I started applying a layer of Conditioning Lip Butter every night before sleep, the fine lines on my lips are less visible and my lips are more hydrated.” — Carina

Yi Wen Conditioning Lip Butter Review

“I love using Conditioning Lip Butter in Sweet Tangerine flavour. I always carry it around with me and apply it regularly throughout the day. I love that it feels moisturising and not too greasy on my lips. It even helps to lighten my lip lines with consistent usage!” — Yi Wen