5 tips to help fade dark spots and acne-related hyperpigmentation

As if dealing with acne isn’t tough enough, the dark spots that pimples leave behind can make your skin journey even more frustrating. But don’t worry, here we share 5 tips to help fade dark spots and acne-related hyperpigmentation.

What is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation?

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation occurs after an inflammatory skin condition, such as acne.

It happens due to an overproduction of melanin that leaves behind dark spots or patches of darkened skin. The more inflamed your acne was, the darker the pigmentation tends to be.

The discolouration may take up to 3-6 months to fade, but here are some steps you can take to help quicken the process.

How to treat post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

1. Treat your acne

treat your acne

It’s tempting, but do not pick at your acne or pop it with your fingers. Squeezing a pimple increases the risk of infections and scarring as bacteria may come into contact with the skin tissue. Instead, use pimple serums and avoid using harsh cleansers or scrubs that may cause your acne to become more inflamed.

2. Use brightening serums

use brightening serums

After your skin has stabilised and your acne has cleared up, you can start to incorporate brightening serums into your routine. Brightening serums are formulated with actives and antioxidants that can help to fade acne hyperpigmentation. They typically work by speeding up the skin’s natural renewal process so that new skin cells are produced, and gently exfoliating the top layer of discoloured skin. Vitamin C, Niacinamide and Kojic Acid are examples of popular brightening agents.

Brightening serums to consider including in your routine:

Skinlight T3
skinlight T3

This total radiance concentrate is formulated with a blend of botanicals to brighten dull skin. Kojic Acid helps to inhibit melanin production for a brighter complexion, while Kiwi Fruit Extract stimulates microexfoliation to encourage skin renewal.


Besides using Skinlight T3 to fade dark spots, it can also be used to spot treat as it helps to speed up the recovery of acne. Discuss with your Skin Buddy for the best way to use Skinlight T3 for your skin.

C15 Essence 7
c15 essence 7

Vitamin C has proved itself to be one of the best brightening agents that help to support wound healing and target post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

C15 Essence 7 is a high-performance Vitamin C serum that is highly concentrated and nourishing. It is best applied on discoloured spots after acne has cleared to avoid any potential skin irritation for those with troubled skin.


Pair C15 Essence 7 with LIF and use the Vitamin C Mode to enhance Vitamin C penetration into your skin. This way, your skin gets to enjoy the serum’s maximum benefits!

Age Arrest A3 Set
age arrest A3 set

The Age Arrest A3 set specifically targets your ageing process. The E-factor Peptide in the formulation acts as a natural growth factor to stimulate skin renewal, reduce pigmentation and improve skin elasticity. After your acne has cleared, use the Age Arrest A3 set to nourish and repair your skin.

3. Exfoliate

cleanser 1 & miraglo

Exfoliating is often a neglected step, but it is important to remove the dead skin cells in order to bring healthy young skin to the surface and fade dark spots. It is a key step to help your pores stay clean and fresh, prevent clogs and ensure your skin care products get well-absorbed.

Make sure to exfoliate only when your acne has cleared up and avoid over-exfoliating as it can hurt your skin.

4. Moisturise

Keeping your skin moisturised with the use of lightweight hydrating products is an essential step for those with troubled skin. This step keeps your skin moisturised without clogging your pores, balance sebum levels and prevents further aggravation of skin inflammation.

Once your acne has healed, make sure to moisturise your skin to help repair your skin barrier and quicken the skin’s healing process. For those with troubled skin, avoid using heavy moisturisers and opt for a lightweight option instead.

aqua boost serum 10

Aqua Boost Serum 10 is a hydrating formula that does both jobs well by generously supplying the skin with moisture while strengthening the skin barrier at the same time. It feels hydrating and refreshing too!

5. Wear sunscreen everyday

wear sunscreen everyday

We’ve said it many times and we will say it again – always wear sunscreen.

Prevention is as important as treatment. Our skin reacts with UV rays to form melanin, which further worsens hyperpigmentation. That is why SPF protection is so essential to prevent our skin from producing more melanin to the already darkened spots.

Need more help? Try using our Hello Glow Radiance Routine that may be able to help fade pigmentation and brighten dull skin!