Here’s how real users of DR’s Secret achieve their foundation-free glow

Wondering if you’ll be able to achieve healthy, glowing skin? Need a little encouragement on your skin transformation journey?

We interviewed four DR’s Secret real users who used to battle different skin problems – postpartum skin dullness, skin sensitivity, acne and pigmentation to find out how they managed to regain their glow. Read on to be inspired and find out how long their journey took.

After Chanee Yap gave birth to her daughter, her confidence took a hit when she encountered postpartum skin problems.

chanee yap - dr's secret real user

What skin issues were you struggling with?

After giving birth, I was bothered by dull skin, pigmentation and my skin tone became so yellowish. It was just very bad.

dull skin

What motivated you to try DR’s Secret products?

I used to depend on heavy makeup and was crazy over skin care. Since becoming a mother, I hardly had time for makeup. One day, I came across DR’s Secret and the idea of going foundation free. After 6 months of observation and research online, I finally decided that I wanted to try these products.

Were there any obstacles in your skin transformation journey?

At the start, yes. My skin barrier was weak from past laser treatments so it stung a little when I applied the products. After 2 weeks, my skin became well-adjusted to the products and started getting better.

In just 2 weeks, 70% of my comedones were gone, my acne scars lightened and my skin tone looked much brighter and healthier.

after 2 weeks using dr's secret

Which are your favourite products?

My favourite products are Miraglo and Spot Serum 8 as they really helped to unclog my pores and clear up impurities!

chanee's favourites - miraglo and spot serum 8

How long did it take for you to go foundation free and how do you feel about it?

It took about 2 weeks for me to be confident enough to go foundation free, it was very liberating! I have been using DR’s Secret for 2.5 years now. I no longer need makeup, lasers and facials, which saves me a lot of time and cost. When my skin is good, I feel good too!

chanee going foundation-free

Despite being a beautician and helping others with their skin problems, Grace struggled with her volatile, sensitive skin.

grace - dr's secret real user

What was your skin like previously?

I was a beautician for 15 years. Although I was helping many others with their skin, I couldn’t improve my own sensitive skin condition. My skin was often red with burning sensations, and my pores were very large and rough to the touch. I had tried many products on the market and instead of seeing an improvement in my skin condition, they aggravated the sensitivity further. I had no choice but to rely on medication to temporarily control my skin condition.

grace sensitive skin

How was your skin journey like? Did you face any problems?

At first, I didn’t believe that one set of products would solve my skin problems. However, after just 3 months of using the products, my skin irritation not only completely subsided, but my skin was also becoming more and more radiant! This surprised me and reinforced my confidence in the products.

after 3 months of using dr's secret

What is your favourite DR’s Secret product?

My favourite product is Moisturizer 6. Whenever my skin gets red and itchy, I apply it immediately to soothe my irritated skin. It also deeply moisturises and locks in moisture for a long time.

grace's favourite - moisturizer 6

How has your improved skin condition made you feel more confident?

It feels really nice when people compliment my skin, especially after having dealt with sensitive skin and redness for such a long period of time. I also look younger than my actual age!

Most importantly, I feel really happy with my skin and am confident enough to go foundation free! It’s such a time-saver – all I need is 5 minutes to prepare before heading out!

grace going foundation free

Mei Wei had acne that were swollen and painful to touch, which affected her confidence greatly.

mei wei - dr's secret real user

How was your skin like?

I used to have hormonal acne all over my chin. My pimples were itchy, swollen and painful to touch. It hurts even when I speak, eat or even smile. I also struggled with dull skin, enlarged and clogged pores, oily T-zone area and very dehydrated skin.

hormonal acne

How did you feel when you started using DRS products?

Very surprised. After the first night of applying the products, my skin felt non-oily the next day and my pimples started to dry up overnight. It was my first time having such a pleasant experience with skin care products after years of using many other products.

Though it was a little painful when I first applied the products on my face, my Skin Buddy assured me that it was a functional skin reaction that was temporary. I followed her advice and after 2 weeks of use, my breakouts were controlled, sebum production balanced and my skin tone brightened up too!

How long did it take for you to go foundation free and how do you feel about your skin now?

I went foundation free after 2 months! My overall confidence level improved greatly when my skin improved. Waking up to good skin every day makes me happy, and my friends and family also noticed my skin transformation. I became more confident and was no longer afraid of showing my bare skin!

after 6 months using dr's secret

What’s a product combination you would recommend to people with acne skin?

I would really have to recommend Spot Serum 8 and Balancing Oil! This combination helped to clear my breakouts. It helps to control my sebum production and give me clear skin.

mei wei's favourites - spot serum 8 and balancing oil

As a skin care junkie who had tried numerous products, dull skin, stubborn liver spots and dark circles still remained as Summer’s biggest skin concerns.

summer - dr's secret real user

What were your biggest skin concerns?

I’ve been a skin care junkie since I was 18 and have diligently applied skin care from various major brands. But the results were not favourable and I even developed liver spots around my eye area. My biggest skin concern was my dark eye circles, I’ve had them since I was a kid. I also had very dull skin and a lot of blackheads.

liver spots

When did you start using DR’s Secret and how long has it been?

I started my DR’s Secret journey 2 years ago. My best friend tried DR’s Secret products and insisted that I give it a try too. 2 weeks in, I was sold! It was amazing to be able to see the difference so visibly. That’s when I decided to make the switch to DR’s Secret.

Tell us more about your experience.

My skin improvements became stagnant after 2 weeks of initial use because I didn’t follow the directions and was very rough to my skin. After I checked in regularly with my Skin Buddy and followed her recommendations, I really saw a lot of results! My overall skin tone improved visibly. Following your Skin Buddy’s advice is really a key part of the process and it’ll make your skin results more prominent!

summer - before and after

What is your favourite DR’s Secret product?

LIF in particular was a game changer for me, especially for my stubborn liver spots. Every time I use it, my skin feels more lifted and my laugh lines are less visible. I highly recommend LIF to everyone. It really helps to increase the efficacy of the products!

summer's favourite - LIF

How often do you go foundation free?

I go foundation free every day! My daily routine is so simple – I just have to apply skin care, sunscreen and draw my eyebrows then I’m good to go.

summer going foundation free

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