Unlock the glowing secret to top Korean skin trends: cloudless, honey and glass skin

Koreans are known to be the trendsetters of skin care, and if you’ve been keeping up with their latest skin fads, chances are you’ve probably heard either of the 3 most-coveted skin types that have become the epitome of “bare-faced and beautiful”.

1. Honey skin

Describing deeply hydrated, supple, well-nourished skin that gives a glowing shine, just like honey itself.


2. Cloudless skin

The newest addition in 2018, cloudless skin speaks of skin that’s healthy, clear, free from discolouration, exuding a radiance from within as a result of physical and emotional wellbeing. According to K-beauty gurus, having someone tell you “pibu mal ga boh yuh” which means “your skin is cloudless!” is the highest form of compliment and the ultimate skin care goal.

3. Glass skin

Clear, poreless (basically flawless), translucent skin with a luminous glow.

In summary, they are all about obtaining that GLOW. Untainted by makeup, healthy, natural, from within.

But in reality, we know it’s easier said than done. Clogged pores, dullness, pigmentation and ageing effects often stand in between us and our skin dream.

We could be diligently cleansing, hydrating and layering on sunscreen but still a far cry from skin heaven.

Well listen, the first step to great skin lies in understanding your skin renewal process.


Great skin 101:  Here’s what you should know

Our skin is made up of three layers, with the epidermis as the outermost layer.

Skin is made up of three layers

New cells are formed at the base layer and rise to the surface of the epidermis, hardening and dying over time. Our body then produces new skin cells to replace these old cells, which forms the skin renewal process. A normal cycle takes about 4 to 6 weeks. With UV exposure, pollution, stress, ageing and less than desirable lifestyle habits, this process gets slowed down, which is often why our skin looks dull, creased and slow to recover from pimple outbreaks.

Skin renewal process cycle

Understanding DR's Secret

Understanding DR’s Secret

DR’s Secret advocates flawless makeup-free skin by introducing skin care solutions that specifically target and boost the skin renewal process, while being easily customisable to one’s own skin.

Korean skin care and drs secret


Dr Doreen Tan, product specialist and co-founder of DR’s Secret says, “Once you understand the skin renewal process, you will be better equipped to know which products to use and how to customise them better to your skin condition. There are just so many skin care products in the market but few people actually know if they are using them correctly. Knowing your skin cycle will also help you to be more patient with your regime as it can take months before your skin can be totally renewed”.

Building an optimal cycle for skin

With this concept, DR’s Secret products are formulated to target and boost the skin renewal process, so that new, healthy skin cells can always be brought to the surface. With well-nourished skin as the foundation, we believe that every skin trouble can be resolved.

Just like how there are no shortcuts to life, attaining healthy glowing skin takes patience too.

To complement our skin’s natural cycle, it could take weeks or months for visible results to show depending on your skin condition.

While you may not experience a skin miracle immediately, you will be able to feel your skin getting fresher, healthier and brighter. The key is to have patience and persistence till the skin renewal process is complete.

Give it a few months to a year and watch your skin glow for many more years to come.